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How is everyone's support from their manufacturer on bids? I am noticing that it seems they do not want to mess with them anymore.

We were starting to work on a 40 machine RFP for a fairly large organization. Call my Konica rep and he looks over the RFP and tells me "fantastic, use your dealer pricing".....I said no you need to go and get some pricing support and he said there won't be any extra support. Canon is the same way. Unless its over 250,000 they say there's your price book, use it.

I figured since we were predominantly Canon my KM rep would have eaten this up since he is always asking me for more machines.

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Been ages since I posted anything on here!

Jason, back in the day for me Canon didn't do anything unless it was minimum $50k wholesale. KM on the other hand was extremely aggressive with doing whatever was needed to get our wholesale price down. We also had a fantastic dealer account manager though who would go to bat for us every time. 

In a RFP situation, you would think they would understand that you are dropping your margins or more than you expect the manufacturer to. 

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I agree. My KM rep and his boss were in the office yesterday and I asked him why he didn't show any interest in this opportunity and he said because you are buying at the lowest I can give you right now and there is nothing else I can do from a support part. He said he gave it about a 3-5% chance of winning the account based on what he read and what he could do.

I am ok with that as most of our bid opportunities are not set up around here for dealers to participate. They always have some stupid stipulations that keep the dealers from bidding. 

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