Macintosh Desktop Faxing and a 1022

I have a client (architect) that is all mac. Mac servers and mac workstations. They would like to enable desktop faxing from a 1022. They would also like all faxes recived to be routed to a network folder. I'm guessing that the Ricoh fax droiver is not Mac compatable. Can anyone verify that. What is I got a cheap PC and put it on their network and shared it. Can the fax drivers live their as well as that shared network folder?
Thanks in advance for ther input.
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I can't answer the question about hanging the cheap PC on the MAC network. However you can accomplish a workaround with the fax board, docuement mall, some type of efax service and a LAN Fax program for Mac (is there a WINFAX for MAC?).

Have the efax service or equivulant deliver the mail as tiff or pdf to the mail address for an "incoming fax" folder in doc mall. From there the user can view and distrbute the faxes via email to the other Mac users. This will also enable them for Scan to File w/Doc Mall.

I have tested the service with AIR COM USA and EFAX. It works and works well. However the customer will need a new fax number and may have to pay extra dollars if they recieve a large volume of faxes.

Call me if you have any questions or send me an email.


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