Recently I've had to do some additional prospecting because I could see the writing on the wall after a solid five months of revenue.  I turned to Linkedin, and wanted to connect with about a half a dozen "C" level execs. It's going to be Thursday and I got zero connections.

Kinda makes me wonder if DM's are turned off to Linkedin because of the relentless people wanting to connect with them. I have CFO listed for my P4P Hotel and not a day goes by where someone wants to connect and then pitches me.

One even went so far as stating I work with Sr level execs at Stratix to help them with their finance goals. I called him and asked politely "okay who are you working with?".  Never got a response. 

I did not "pitch" anyone but rather stated who some of my clients are that they know and I's like to connect. Also if I can ever be of service please feel free to reach out to me. Of course I also told them how I helped those other companies.

Would like to hear from all as to how and if you are connecting with DM's on Linkedin. It would be a great conversation for all.


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In my experience, connecting with c-level execs on Linkedin has about the same success level as picking up the phone or e-mailing. Since you have more visibility into the execs work history, interests, and connections, LI can feel like the "magic prospecting pill" when in fact it is just another avenue to try and establish connection. 

Whatever ratio you put into number of phone calls, translates to number of meetings, translates to numbers of sales. The same formula holds true for messaging and connecting to individuals on LinkedIn. 

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