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In recent months I've followed some really BIG companies in my territory that I have no play with. Have not been able to get them on the phone, no response to emails, nadda, nothing.  Since I follow them on linkedin their threads, announcements, etc appear on my wall.  A few months ago I started "liking" what they posted in. Today I received my third invitation to connect with someone at these companies.  Give or take a month or so, I will slowly start the process to contact them directly through linkedin and see if I can find an in.


Just thought I would share that with everyone, does anyone else have any linkedin tips they can share?



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you can't be added on linkedin without accepting, wonder if he was just getting to many "please, please connect with me".  I would suspect than many owners will start to back off and delete the profiles if the emails are over burdening.  Shame would be the end of a good tool and maybe the end of linkedin?  Originally Posted by Kiwispike:

To quote a customer recently:


"Yeah I had a linkedIn profile but I had to delete it because sales people kept adding me"


Says it all really


Not a fan of LinkedIn.  The only thing I get from it is headhunters, people wanting to sell me stuff, and people wanting me to put them in contact with the owner of my company so they can sell him stuff.  Often think about deleting the account altogether.  About the only good thing to ever come out of LinkedIn for me was a college room mate I'd lost contact with tracked me down from 2,000 miles away.

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