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Oh how we try to get leads, I'd like to start this topic for us to discuss how we can leads on linked in.  I will contribute and I hope others will to.  So please if you're using linked in and you've found different ways to make new connections, get appointments, get referrals, please post them here so we can all share!!

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I recently took the basic premium membership about 30 days ago.  This enabled me to see everyone who took a look at my profile.


so far I've connected with 4 new (potential prospects) and one prospect who is in the market for a copier.  I saw that they viewed my profile and then asked to be connected and in the "inmail" asked if there is anything I can help with.


My profile is one big copier advertisement. I use blog links on my profile offering advice on what we offer, and a Buyer's Guide.


I also interact on LinkedIn groups in my city to connect with business owners.


I've yet to generate solid prospects from LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a good tool to discover more about your prospects than to actually contact them.

If anyone has ideas, I'd love to try them out.

I get involved in message boards or threads and share my $0.02 to the point that some folks ask me to come in for an appointment/assessment.  I have also generated leads keeping in touch with all of my customers on LinkedIn so if they do indeed change jobs they always know where to find me even if they don't have my card from their previous job

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