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News Release Issued: Sep 18, 2018 (9:00am EDT)

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Lexmark Introduces Training and Certication Solution for Manufacturing

Solution leverages Lexmark MFPs to automate paper-based training, saving manufacturers time and money.

Lexmark, a global imaging solutions leader, today announced the availability of Lexmark Training and Certification for Manufacturing, a cloud-based solution that  leverages Lexmark MFP devices to automate paper-based employee training often used in manufacturing environments. The solution enables administrators to electronically create, distribute and grade tests, helping manufacturers save time on grading, lower expenses of employee evaluation and provide visibility to meet compliance requirements.

“Whether OSHA-mandated safety training, production line training, equipment certification, or onboarding new employees, manufacturers face unique training challenges,” said John Linton, Lexmark industry director, Retail and Manufacturing.

“Manually grading paper tests and keying-in data for thousands of production workers results in errors, wasted processing time and lack of visibility throughout the process.

“We developed Lexmark Training and Certification for Manufacturing to replace manual test administration and grading with an automated, easy-to-use solution, saving manufacturers time and money while increasing accuracy,” Linton said.

Customized test forms are printed on site at the Lexmark MFP. Completed tests are then scanned on the Lexmark MFP and automatically scored by the grading software. Test results are then sent directly into the HR or training system:

  • Testing rosters are created dynamically as employees scan their badges when entering the classroom.
  • Personalized test sheets are printed on location with no special paper required, reducing the cost of mailing tests from corporate offices.
  • Completed test sheets are scanned on a Lexmark printer and automatically graded by the software. No manual data entry is required, eliminating associated errors.
  • Administrators immediately learn whether an employee has passed a particular training module so they can take on new tasks accordingly.
  • The solution integrates with many existing HR or training systems for immediate data import, export and reporting. Results can be exported into standard file formats or integrated into core business systems so auditors can easily evaluate compliance.

“As a manufacturing leader* ourselves, Lexmark understands the specific needs of manufacturers. In fact, 70 percent of the top 50 global manufacturing companies use Lexmark solutions. We developed Lexmark Training and Certification for Manufacturing to scale to meet the needs of the largest global enterprise,” said Allen Waugerman, Lexmark senior vice president and chief technology officer.

The Lexmark Training and Certification for Manufacturing solution is available directly from Lexmark.

*Lexmark has been named a winner of the Manufacturing Leadership 100 Awards annually since 2012.

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