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Lexmark adds to Cloud Fleet Management

- Lexmark, owned by Ninestar of China, launched new features in its Cloud Services offering to dealers
- including third-party device monitoring, an expanded and free premium app catalogue, and touchless print
- allows dealers to remotely configure Lexmark printers and keep them up to date with the latest recommended firmware
- Solution Composer allows dealers to automatically build a workflow specific to a customer’s needs, tailored around key industries
- Scan to RightFax and Scan to SharePoint apps enable end-to-end integration
- Card Authentication app provides access control on customer devices, so users can access only those features approved by the customer.
- Lexmark touchless print allows users to print jobs without ever touching the printer panel.
o A user walks up to the printer, scans their badge to authenticate, and all jobs in the queue are automatically printed.
o At the initial badge-in, a dialogue will pop up with a cancel button with a three second delay to cancel the print action if needed.

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