I was curious if anyone has had problems or heard of any funding disruptions or if anyone has heard any info on when Tiaa Bank will open back up for new lease applications?

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We only use Great America but i have not seen any disruption. All seems normal with them other than the little caveat that the business must be open and operational at the time of funding. I haven’t seen credit tighten up from them or feel they are any more strict than usual.

I've seen the same with Great America also, they were always a little bit tight on credit anyway thus nothing has changed with them.  That's a good thing

We use LEAF and DLL here; was using TIAA before covid but stopped using them for other reasons when before everything started happening.

LEAF seems to be requiring ACH payments and some PGs here and there, but not too bad yet. DLL has seemed to be normal as usual.

I received this email today, hoping it can help others

Hi Art,
I wanted to send you a quick reminder about our business financing programs with fast funding and some of the most competitive rates in the industry.
Equipment Financing: Equipment loans or leases for new and used items up to $500,000 with a single-page application. You may automatically qualify for an additional unsecured loan with your equipment purchase. 90-day deferrals are also available for qualified customers.
Working Capital: Unsecured business loans for up to 18 months. Cover any business needs from inventory & marketing to hiring & training with convenient weekly payments.
Are you planning any business purchases in the next few months?

Connie Schmidt│Alliance Funding Group
Vice President of Originations

Cell: (248) 330-8075

I had an interesting call with Great America yesterday about one of my retail clients. They are expanding and opening new stores but they also asked for payment deferral for three months. Great America told us that because they gave them a 3 month deferral due to the virus they would not lease them any more equipment until three months from now. The problem is they are still opening stores during the virus and it is becoming very difficult to get leases done not because of credit, but because they got the deferral

I guess that called "the fine print" or the devil is in the details.  It really sucks when companies "surprise" us like that.  We work with Great America also and this is good to know. I need to forward to my team since many reps have been using the 90 day thing

@Art Post posted:

I guess that called "the fine print" or the devil is in the details.  It really sucks when companies "surprise" us like that.  We work with Great America also and this is good to know. I need to forward to my team since many reps have been using the 90 day thing

Let me make sure I clarify my post - 90 days deferred lease are good. This is in reference to accounts who have asked for payment deferral on their accounts due to coronavirus. We have still done some 90 day deals that have been fine and just like normal.

Just received an email from TIAA Bank today re: financing for office products. Looks like they've dropped the program moving forward.  Any recommendations on other financing solutions? We haven't been very satisfied with Wells Fargo.

Earlier this year, TIAA Bank made several important changes to our Commercial lending businesses. We made these changes to ensure we continue serving our clients and safeguard our bank throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant economic disruption.

One key decision we made was to pause new originations in our Office Products platform. Today, we're writing to let you know that we are transitioning out of the office products segment. We will no longer originate new Office Products business, but we will continue to service our portfolio of leases and loans for our mutual customers through the remaining life of those contracts, including meter management and pass-through payments, as applicable. Also, we will not authorize financing of trade-ups or add-ons; however, we will continue to provide buy-out quotes similar to what we have been doing since new originations were paused. Decisions like this are never easy, but we are confident this is the best course of action for TIAA Bank.

We are committed to being a prominent vendor financing source in the equipment leasing and finance industry. We will pursue an active growth strategy in our other Vendor Equipment Finance platforms, including Healthcare, Industrial and Capital Markets. TIAA Bank and our parent company, TIAA, remain financially strong, well-capitalized, and we're continuing to serve individual, commercial and institutional clients through the crisis.

It has been our pleasure to meet your business needs. Thank you for the opportunity.


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We are in the same boat. TIAA was great, very good rates and things like add ons and smaller deals were still easy to do.

Great America seems to charge an arm and a leg, we will looking into other options as well.

I was told by our TIAA rep today Marlin has been shaky too laying off alot of people, it will be interesting to see what players are left and who picks up the slack.

We’re using US Bank more and more, picked up the slack from TIAA, plus they will do a true Bakers Dozen lease which is great to offer in these times 

I primarily use US Bank.  They are by far the best leasing partner I've worked with.  DLL and Wells Fargo are the others we use but they lag way behind.

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