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Since 1980, Label Press said it has provided printed labels and tags as well as packing house solutions to the Australasian fresh produce industry. The company has partnered with LABELPAC, a company focused on fruit labeling technology and PLU labeling systems, to launch different options to PLU labeling requirements for the Australasian and New Zealand market.

Label Press shared that it will use LABELPAC’s MOTOHEAD™ PLU labeler, which prints and applies labels that they claim are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

“Label Press has identified the MOTOHEAD system as proven technology that will facilitate smoother operations for Australasian growers and packing houses.” said Cecil Hornbuckle, Label Press Director. "The ability to print on demand, GS1 Data Bar, and item level traceability complimenting the PTI compliance, is very advantageous to many growers and packers."

The print and apply labeling system uses generic PLU labels. According to the company, it also uses item level traceability to help trace back produce to their origin. “Our systems are offered in a multitude of configurations to accommodate your labeling requirements”, said Sam Sleiman, president of LABELPAC.

“At LABELPAC, we are always seeking strategic partners that place customer values first and offer options like no other system in this industry. With nearly 40 years, Label Press has proven their reputation working with packing houses in Australia to provide labeling solutions while building long lasting relationships. “We look forward to working with and supporting Label Press with successful product that will set a new stage in the Australian and New Zealand markets,” Sleiman said.

For more information:
Sam Sleiman
Ph: +1 (519) 944-1000

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