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Greg Walters, Inc. Adds Intelligent Document Management to ArcDrive.

Oconomowoc, Wi. – Greg Walters, Inc. adds full Document Management to the ArcDrive payload offering the office technology channels more value with ArcDrive, a self-contained, converged, solution stack.

Today's Most Affordable, Easiest to Use, MpS & Workflow System

Today, we add full Document Management capabilities to ArcDrive by aligning with SearchExpress. SearchExpress is an easy to use, full function document management and workflow software system. SearchExpress works with multiple databases, provides eForm support and utilizes machine learning
artificial intelligence for enhanced search and indexing capabilities.

“With this addition to the ArcDrive application stack, we add to an already robust application stack in ArcDrive,” said Greg Walters. “We are proud and privileged to work with Jim and his team at SearchExpress,” adding, “ArcDrive is the independent, most affordable and innovative managed print services,
advanced capture and intelligent workflow platform in the industry - and we’re not stopping there."

"We are pleased that Greg has integrated SearchExpress into ArcDrive" said Jim Geer, President of SearchExpress. "ArcDrive lets you eliminate paper and automate processes with a digital office, to let your employees work smarter."
ArcDrive is a collaboration of the best and brightest INDEPENDENT software designers, remote management providers, advance capture and workflow solution houses around the globe.  ArcDrive is a cutting-edge appliance, attached to a network or standalone workstation.

Advanced Capture, Business Process Automation with Hybrid Cloud connectivity, Managed Print Services with Automatic Supplies Fulfillment.
ArcDrive – SX
Advanced Capture, Business Process Automation with Hybrid Cloud connectivity, Managed Print Services with Automatic Supplies Fulfillment. User Account Management, Rules Based Printing Secure Print Release.

Fully featured Document Management Software.

Near future ArcDrives will incorporate network probe, RFID, ITIL real-time asset management and a singlepane interface.

"Today, our industry is transforming like never before. Independent dealers are joining together to form large networks. OEMs are shifting go to market strategies, software companies coagulate under one roof and customers require relevant, reliable, and concise answers to business challenges.

Protect your base, establish new income streams and increase monthly recurring revenue. ArcDrive is easy to use, affordable and establishes providers as an integral part of their customers business process. Only ArcDrive combines disciplines into one, easy to use, affordable platform,” added Greg.

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