Hate to say it but the last time Kyocera did this with Ricohs it ended badly.  I hope Kyocera isn't going to try it again.  I doubt if my dealership will be buying any if that is the case.   We will sell our other line first.  The kickoff is this month and I can't imagine them releasing it before then.  I will do some digging and see what's up.

With that said Kyocera does not have any production or even light production equipment with a full finishing line... trimmers, large high cap trays etc.  So maybe they are just throwing this in here as a stop gap.





Definitely confirmed, saw it at the show and it was pretty hush until then. i guess we will see if this will fit into our Copystar line. we are only getting the 3 B/W versions 96/11/136 but we still need a color to compete in the production market.

Now, if I were a dealer principal and Authorized for Ricoh, I would be pissed!  Selling this technology aka box to Kyocera helps no dealers or Direct.  This now allows Kyocera to have a complete line with black MFP's. Another rumor has surfaced that Kyocera will soon be relabeling the Ricoh Color Production devices also.  Suppose to happen by the end of the third quarter 2018.  Those rumors do have their way of coming true. Again, just a rumor

I'm not a happy camper either.  Kyocera should have stepped up and made their own light production equipment.  Not to hurt anyone's feelings here but the last time they rebranded Ricohs it was a disaster.   The equipment didn't perform.  This was A4 equipment however so we will see with this but I won't sell them.  I will go to our other brand.  Proceed with caution is all I have to say about that.


I sell in the largest market in the US. I have competition from two Mega dealers and every Direct Branch in my territory.  It was some cool that Kyocera nor Toshiba could play in that production space. Just add another competitor to an already bloodied battle field for product.

Wonder what the execs @ Ricoh have to day about this at the upcoming Ricoh Convergence in Vegas.  Wish I could be there, however our dealership only takes the brown nosers.

Have not sold or seen any in the field.
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