Kyocera to launch new PPS
- the new TASKalfa Pro 15000C production color inkjet system
- top speed of 150ppm
- 600x600dpi
- 120 second warmup time
- 5 second first page out time
- 1 million pages per month duty cycle
- Maximum paper capacity of 14,000 sheets
o Vacuum paper feed system
o Auto duplex up to 300gsm
o Max media weight of 360gsm
o Max sheet size of 13” x 19.2”
- Document feeder scans both sides of original at same time
o Top scan speed of 220ipm or 110opm
- Finishing options include stapling, stacking, booklet making, tri fold
- Built-in print controller
o Actual maker unknown
o 4.5GB RAM
o 32GB SSD
o 1 terabyte hard drive
o 1.2GHz quad core processor
o PCL and PS print drivers
o 10/100/1000BaseT and USB

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Is this what RICOH will get for selling the Rebadged 8300 product to Kyocera?


When will Ricoh have a B/W machine to take over the Kodak spot?

Ricoh has their own ink production unit, from what I know this device is only OEM's by Kyocera.  I've heard nothing about a replacement for the Kodak spot at this time.  I do know that Ricoh is investing heavily in the P4P arena, my guess is we'll see more devices soon

It’ll be interesting to see what Kyocera can do with it. I’m wondering if their dealer network, aside from a handful of mega dealers are equipped to sell it. Don’t the mega dealers already have a commitment to a production product? How many production products can a service department take on?

After all it’s not like they have direct operations to give it away when the layers of dust on the boxes in the warehouse get so thick you can’t read the model numbers. Hey maybe Impression Solutions will sell it for them in a year or so.

I don't see it either with the dealers and direct locations.  Maybe it's a play to have another manufacturer pick the box up. Unless the price is unreal it would be hard to sway those that are already on board with Ricoh (dealers can't sell their ink production as far as I know), Canon, KonicaMinolta.  Guess we'll have to wait and see

Are there many earlier adopters in light production print, especially from a company that is new to the space? Kyocera might as well try to sell dump trucks because they make automotive sensors. I’m thinking Mack dealers wouldn’t be to worried and neither are the current makers of big iron.

Kyocera struggles to make a quality color toner based product for office use or even desktop color printers. If I sold against them, the augment would be, if toner based technology eludes them, why try their ink?  

I’m not sure I see a path where KM, Canon or Ricoh needs them and could see those  manufacturers leap frogging them in a matter of months with there own technology.

I gave up on the production space long ago, but from what I understand if our industry is over served, isn’t the production arena like an exclusive members only country club, that requires a sponsor to get in and a secret handshake to get your car parked? No way Kyocera is allowed to join, right?

I don’t know, maybe I’m all pissy pants right now because the Packers were destroyed by the 9ers. At least there are not in the same division.

I don’t believe Ricoh has any cut sheet ink jet coming out soon. The model you were showing is a roll fed correct? Which model is that one?

I did not realize the Kyo was "cut sheet".  Depending on price maybe this might be good for Ricoh, KM or Canon. Just can't see Kyo moving many of these

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