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Ramsey, NJ, June 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta), a leader in delivering world-class business transformation solutions and technologies, proudly unveils the new bizhub i-Series, the next generation IoT-enabled multifunction printer line from the award-winning bizhub legacy portfolio.

Inspired by the company’s continuing ambition to create value for customers and rethink the way multifunctional printers work for them, the i-Series is a smart technology hub that fully embraces the way businesses are evolving.

“The launch of the bizhub i-Series is significant, not only for our company but in office print technology. Keeping in mind our customers, end users and the changing needs of the new, connected office environment, we expanded on the successful footprint of the bizhub predecessors,” said Kevin Kern, Senior Vice President, Business Intelligence Services and Product Planning, Konica Minolta.

With its new user interface and fresh new look, Konica Minolta's new bizhub C360i is designed to be simple, convenient and secure.

The smart device technology enhances office connectivity while preparing it to be future-ready. From operational improvements to digital transformation, the i-Series streamlines business processes by powering new opportunities for productivity and innovation.

Kern continues, “The new, intelligent printer product line redefines work and cultivates a modern workplace, securely and effectively, allowing for better, scalable experiences and increased productivity.”

Simple Design and Usability

The stylish, contemporary design boasts an intuitive smartphone-style user interface with a tiltable, floating 10” touchscreen panel and LED status indicators. Interfaces on both the A3 and A4 models function in precisely the same way for ease-of–use across devices.

High-Quality Performance, Enhanced Efficiency and Seamless Connectivity

The i-Series houses a powerful engine, a quad-core Central Processing Unit,  standard 8GB of memory and 256GB Solid State Drive (SSD) for quick-response, high-performance operations. The full-speed media printing range, high-speed dual scan document feeder, digital skew correction and large capacity trays provide reliable functionality.

With its new user interface and small footprint, Konica Minolta's new bizhub C4050i is designed to be simple, convenient and secure.

The new units come ready to connect to an array of bEST certified solutions, such as Dispatcher Phoenix and many others, to enhance workflow and maximize productivity, eliminating repetitive tasks, cutting costs, and reducing manual and human errors.

In addition, the Konica Minolta MarketPlace provides the freedom to access applications and personalize devices to bridge gaps in productivity. Efficiently integrating work processes and connections to sophisticated technologies such as Konica Minolta’s IoT platform Workplace Hub, it caters to changing needs and fully accommodates evolving workstyles.

Smart Service and Next-Level Security

Minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted use, the i-Series intelligently collects data for self-diagnosis and optimum replacement time predictions of parts and consumables. Moreover, users can experience best-in-class service through Konica Minolta’s vCare Technology for convenient troubleshooting and continuous support.  

The i-Series fosters a secure work ecosystem where data is protected and reliably accessible. Service includes a layer of top-grade security, with bizhub SECURE services that protect documents through data encryption and locked passwords. The BitDefender* anti-virus extension automatically scans all transmitted data to protect data from external threats. All i-Series models are compliant with GDPR and ISO 15408 certified HCD-PP, so data privacy standards and security requirements are met.

Commitment to Sustainability

The new i-Series also reflects Konica Minolta’s strong commitment to environmental sustainability. As part of the top energy-saving bizhub product line, each model is rated EPEAT Gold and meets stricter Blue Angel standards. The new fusing unit and toner fixing process help lower energy consumption. Operation is quieter due to improvements made to the cooling fan and ADF mechanism. Environmental impact is further reduced through new, lightweight packaging.

Konica Minolta recognizes the i-Series as the next step – the innovative technology that will allow businesses perform at their best through high-quality work. And, as businesses continue to evolve, the bizhub i-Series will grow with them.

The new i-Series models are the bizhub C360i/C300i/C250i (A3 Color MFPs), the bizhub C4050i/C3350i, C3320i, C4000i/C3300i (A4 Color MFPs/AIO/SFPs).

Additional models and features will be released in the upcoming months. Experience and discover more about the new bizhub i-Series.

*BitDefender will not be available at time of launch.

About Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. is reshaping and revolutionizing the Workplace of the Future™ ( with its expansive smart office product portfolio from IT Services (All Covered), ECM, Managed Print Services and industrial and commercial print solutions. Konica Minolta has been recognized as the #1 Brand for Customer Loyalty in the MFP Office Copier Market by Brand Keys for 12 consecutive years and is proud to be ranked on the Forbes 2017 America's Best Employers list. The World Technology Awards recently named the company a finalist in the IT Software category. Konica Minolta, Inc. has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for seven consecutive years. It partners with its clients to give shape to ideas and work to bring value to our society. For more information, please visit: and follow Konica Minolta on Facebook, YouTube, Linked In and Twitter.


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Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.

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This new copier line is one of the first to introduce a SSD 256 GB HDD as a standard feature.

To date, I think all copier vendors have been using a 2.5" platter based HDD designed for laptop computers.

I am wondering out loud the pros and cons of this choice.

First off:

1). In all RFPs that I have seen the buyer is requesting a HDD and never a SSD.  Konica Minolta is going to have to be constantly requesting amendments to RFPs.

Maybe in the Konica Minolta new design there is the option to switch in a HDD?

2). SSD's are thought to be more reliable than HDDs because there are no moving parts.  HDDs however have become more reliable over time with few failures.

3). SSDs are considered to have a higher cost per GB than a HDD.  In the copier business there is always a spec race to the biggest spec with even low end Lexmark A4 desktop MFPS now providing a 500 GB HDD.  Buyers usually try and interpret copier specs as bigger and faster is better.

4). SSDs are more compact in size than a HDD but in A3 copiers that small difference in form factor is not much of an issue.

5). SSDs use less electricity than a HDD to conserve battery life but in A3 copiers the small benefit is a non issue.

6). SSDs have a faster data retrieval rate than HDDs.  This might be great for massive Data Storage centers but I cannot see how a few milliseconds will make much difference on a copier.

7). SSD vs HDD will buyers really care about the difference between the two storage technologies?  In my mind, the copier talk track is now more about scanning and storage to the Cloud like OneDrive for Business.

8). To me, SSD vs HDD is a marketing effort by Konica Minolta not based upon any request by the customer.  I could be wrong and this may be the start of a new trend in copiers.

Last edited by SalesServiceGuy

I would not be surprised to see Konica Minolta release a G model for Gov't bid business with a HDD installed.

The USA GSA and DOD demands FIPPs certified drives these days and I do not think a SSD will cut it without a lengthy certification process.

According to BLI, the First Copy Out times on the new series are up to 15% faster compared to their immediate predecessor models.  These could be as much do to the 8 GB RAM and the Quad core processor as the SSD by itself.

Many of the new features on the iSeries, Toshiba released two years ao.

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