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November 05, 2014 02:00 ET

Konica Minolta Promises Unrivalled Productivity With the Launch of bizhub PRESS C1100 / C1085


SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Nov 5, 2014) - Businesses can now meet their diverse needs with Konica Minolta's new colour production printer series -- bizhub PRESS C1100 / C1085. Ideal for digital and commercial print environment, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Asia ensures that the latest two digital colour production printers deliver outstanding performance with first-rate quality and reproduction for professional use.


"The new bizhub PRESS C1100 and C1085 series raises the bar in the colour production printer market. Konica Minolta seeks to provide competitive products that supply consistently high quality and meet professional demands. This bizhub series will definitely boost productivity immediately for enhanced workflow performance," commented Mr. Jonathan Yeo, General Manager, Regional Headquarters, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Asia.


With printing speeds of 100 ppm and 85 ppm, the bizhub PRESS C1100 and C1085 are the fastest of Konica Minolta's colour production printers. Various types of printing jobs with tight deadlines can be completed more efficiently and punctually while cutting operating costs and work time. The bizhub series supports continuous high speed printing up to 350 gsm cardstock with automatic duplex printing, improving efficiency and preventing productivity loss.


Designed to expand print capabilities, the bizhub PRESS C1100 / C1085 series boasts an enhanced paper feeding mechanism. Stable paper feeding is guaranteed by various paper feed units, with or without scanner functions. Up to three former paper feeding modules can also be connected to boost the printer's performance to a maximum of nine trays and a capacity of 13,890 sheets which greatly prevents downtime.


The bizhub PRESS C1100 / C1085 series maintains stable top grade to satisfy customer demands and differentiate their businesses. The SIMITRI HDE toner guarantees improved image quality and energy-saving performance. To ensure long-term image stability, the series features the inline Colour Density Control (CDC) which delivers optimal image quality and consistent colour reproduction. Advanced Screen Enhancing Active Digital Processing (S.E.A.D. IV) image processing technology also improves reproducibility even to the finest details. The recently introduced combination of various features like paper alignment detection or auto adjustment has considerably improved paper alignment accuracy.


Flexible production systems meet professional demands and fulfill a wide range of post-processing requirements to increase profitability by reducing operating hours, cutting costs and adding value. The bizhub PRESS C1100 / C1085 feature a wide range of finishing options such as booklet production, perfect binding, and high stacking capabilities of up to 10,000 sheets with an enormous variety of ways to connect and facilitate one-step printing and finishing without manual intervention.

Engineered with the most advanced office solutions technology and built with utmost care and intelligence, the new Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C1100 / C1085 series effectively raises the bar for printing, presenting a powerful option to offices, which want to save cost and time without compromising on the quality of their prints. Backed by a dedicated team who are ready to render the best service to help customers optimize their production environments, the new Konica Minolta bizhub series undoubtedly is the choice for the digital print professional who wants it all.


Company Logo


Konica Minolta Business Solutions Asia

Konica Minolta Business Solutions, a leading company in advanced document management technologies and Managed IT Services for the desktop to the print shop, brings together unparalleled advances in security, print quality and network integration via its award-winning line of bizhub® multi-function products (MFPs); bizhub PRESS® and bizhub PRO® production print systems; magicolor® color printers; and pagepro® monochrome printers. Konica Minolta also offers software solutions and optimised print services to reduce document output cost, improve productivity and optimise office environment, backed by impeccable service and support team.


Konica Minolta adopts a proactive effort in reducing global environmental impact through its green product lifecycle.


In line with its core message "Giving Shape to Ideas," Konica Minolta endeavours to respond to its customers' needs across the world with relentless creativity, innovation and advance technology.


Konica Minolta is a registered trademark of Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc. bizhub is a registered trademark of Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners.

Konica Minolta, the logo, and other trademark may not be used without permission.



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I have not been able to get the MSRP for this product yet. But I did find this review that does state MSRP at the bottom. I will give you MSRP when I have been able to get it.


A Deeper Dive on Konica Minolta’s new bizhub PRESS C1100/1085

Posted on  by Dave Erlandson | No Comments »

In a previous blog article I reported that Konica Minolta has launched two new color presses: the bizhub PRESS C1100 and C1085.  I now have some additional information to share about the presses.

The new C1100 becomes the flagship color digital press for KM. The complete line up for production color printing includes the bizhub Pro C1060L, the bizhub PRESS C1070/1060 and the new bizhub PRESS C1100/C1085.  The C8000 is being phased out.

Here are some of the improvements mentioned for the C1100/C1085.

Image quality remains the number one purchase criterion by users. An KM has made a number of advances with this new product release.

KM is introducing a new toner called Simitri HDE which consists of a colorant, functional polymer, and sharpmelt wax. The result is improved reproduction of bronze-red and skin tones, an extended color gamut for magenta, smother grayscales, plus enhanced fade and light resistance.

Simitri Toner


KM has made a series of additional changes to enhance image quality. They have upgraded their image processing chip (S.E.A.D. IV) to improve image quality and color stability.

The have enhanced dot position control, outline image processing, fine-tuned their image compression/decompression algorithm and now offer flexible screen processing.

KM has added new sensors that will improve color stability throughout a job. Located on the intermediate transfer belt the Image Density Contol (IDC) sensor measures CMYK density patches and feeds that information back to the engine for improved density control in each channel.

IDC Sensor from KM


Another sensor called the Color Density Control (CDC) measures CMYK and secondary colors (RGB) post fuser to ensure accurate color management and stability regardless of the substrate.

Color Feedback Sensor from KM

Of course one of the keys to successfully sell digital color presses is to be able to print at rated speed on heavy stock. The ability to do this separates the mid-range production machines from the light production machines. In the C8000 KM achieved this feature by having two fuser units in the machine. The new design only has one fuser, which saves the customer money and saves about 20” of floor space.

So how did they do it? They changed their design of the fuser unit from a roller fusing system to a belt fusing system, redesigned their nip area to be wider, and they use a new Simitri HDtoner that has a lower melting point.  The result is they can run media with weights up to 350 gsm at rated speed.

Fuser Belt from KM


The products have a wide array of finishing options made to handle high volume production.

And controllers are currently available from KM and 2 models from Fiery, with a Creo option in the offing.

The SRP for the base print engine with mandatory accessories is $162K. The top-end Fiery controller is $55k. And a nice group of finishing items such as a 100 page staple finisher, a saddle stitch finisher with face trimmer, and folder will run $52K. Note these are standard retail prices and manufacturers typically discount these prices.

In summary KM has focused the lion’s share of improvements in the top two areas that are of critical importance to print service providers:  image quality and substrate handling. Being able to run 350 gsm stock at rated speed with outstanding image quality forms the core element of all successful mid-range and heavy duty cycle presses in the market today.

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