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I've had a few calls in the last few days about the KM 1rate program reeling it's ugly head again.

We shared some documents about a year ago, however I'm hearing that some of the talking points we used to shoot down the program are not legit anymore.  Again this is hearsay and no one can confirm.  Does anyone have a new set of KM 1Rate lease docs or can any clarify what has changed?

Can anyone help?


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Would be nice if others could help with this.

I had a chat last week with a former KM rep about the changes in 1Rate KM program.  It was stated that KM has dropped the auto escalator for the hardware and the maintenance.  However it was stated that KM has raise the monthly rates  for 1Rate three times since last year to cover the loss of the escalations.  I was also told there was a freight fee for shipping of supplies. This is billed every month even if the client does not receive supplies.

I asked, if you were up against the KM 1Rate (person now works for a dealer) how would you sell against it?  Focus on the costs, the 1Rate is only a good program if the client is getting socked with overages. Most clients are now printing less and for those clients that don't have large overages our plan is more cost effective.

Can anyone else add to this?

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