is there a user code function with the AO45 that people can use straight from the print driver or anyother method of tracking that people have found? Apprecite the input.....
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more specifically, something that the user can enter in at their workstation through their print driver that is logged into the print server. thanks for the help.

Print Audit also does what you are looking for. Each user can have his own "pin code" and each account can have a number associated with it. You can also specify a price per copy or a price per square foot. This can be accomplished when printing from a workstation on the netwrok.

Print Audit has a 30 day FREE rial of thier software you should downlaod and try it, it is simple to use.

You can reach thier sight through our link page.
Thanks art, thats what I thought we could do....By any chance do you know what the price is?
Where is the user manual for plotbase? Do you have one you can upload?
Thank you everyone for your help. This deal is going south though. My IT people are telling me that with the plot base accouting you can only put in the details or codes from the actual plot base controller.

I have 8 client computers running to a plot base controller which my company provided. None of the "client" stations can enter in codes for a print job, unless they rip the job / then go to the print server and enter the details.

RICOH support told me that you should be able to do that from the print driver on the workstations. So I am definitley cofused.......

Also, I have been told that RICOH came up with an upgraded print driver, version 3.2, that is a fix to issues they had with version 3.1; but of course, I was told there is a charge for that. Can anyone share insight on this.

Something else that I was recently made aware of is:

The client computers are running XP. Anytime a cpu is shut down or logged of the driver becomes unusable and has to be re-installed. I knonw at home, I run XP home edition and that happens to a little ink jet that my wife uses.

What are your opinions on this. Do you think that is a WINDOWS issue or does anyone think this could be improper installation. Once again I thank everyone for their insight and help.

Good Selling.
THANK YOU BANDIT. My support team had lost faith in me, I was told I over promised and underdelivered. Thanks to your help, my client is happy, and my colleagues have a new found respect for the sales person and their knowledge and resources. I appreciate everything that you have done. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you in the future.


Brian Miller
this is from one of my system guys:

if anyonce can help me out, I would greatly appreicate it.

Whenever .plt files are created from within AutoCAD 2004 using the hp design
jet 650 c driver and printing to a file, those files are being cut off when
they are plotted. In other words, if a .dwg file is converted within
AutoCAD to a .plt file using the above mentioned driver, and it is say, a 36
x 24 drawing, the end result is a 22 inch wide drawing. It is almost as if
the file is being printed with just the image and no border. I have walked
through the process with the architects and everything seems fine. The
same issue happens when plotting a .pdf file, it cuts off about 35% of the
overall image. This was an issue with the version 3.2 plotbase and the
solution was to use adobe reader v 5.0.1. They are running adobe acrobat v
6.0. The settings are all correct as far as I can see. I might be missing
something though.

Another question is this, when setting up the pop-up
window in plotbase v3.3 through the hdi/adi option on the client system, it
says it only supports R13 and R14 versions of AutoCAD, which came out around
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You have two serparate issues.

#1: cutting off PLT files - need to reset the boarder in AutCAD for the 240. See attached file.

#2: cutting off PDF files. NOT A PLOTBASE ISSUE.Adobe Reader issue. Use Reader 5.0, or if they have the PS cption, drop into plotbase thrugh plotclient win.

HDI supports through AutoCAD 2005 in version 3.3. Are you sure you are using HDI and not ADI? ADI is version 13 / 14 support.
is there anyway to enter index informtaion for job tracking while directly printing out of AUTOCAD? like you do when you enter infomration in Plot Client Win.

Thanks for everyones help

In AutoCad, go to plotter manager. Select the Plotclient HDI driver by double clicking. Select device options. Select custom. Select custom again in the middle of the screen that appears. On right side of next screen is a drop down - choices are Hide HDI dialog, enabe HDI dialog, or use HDI to Plotclient win. Select HDI to pc win. Now when your customer plots, the PC win will launch, allowing them to input job info.

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