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Is anyone using a Ricoh OEM based presentations for their sales calls?  A while ago Ricoh came out with a corporate value proposition that talked about Challenges and Business Outcomes.  It had information about the company but didn't start with it.

If so, let me know your thoughts and feel free to share samples.  All samples shared privately will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

Questions I am trying to figure out:

Does that presentation format make sense?

How are people changing it to find value?

Is using PowerPoint dead or declining?

What is working?

I am just trying to get a current day gauge on the Gartner quote:  

"Most value propositions fail to stand out in the market because they lead with the corporate ego or the provider's product or service features, rather than the value of the business outcome the customer can achieve with the provider's solution. Many marketers construct value propositions in the style of tag lines or marketing slogans. These attempts do not fit the definition of a true value proposition. Moreover, they miss out on opportunities to communicate competitive uniqueness or superiority." Richard Fouts, research director at Gartner.  It is an older quote but I suspect still applies today.

What are your thoughts?


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