Marketing Bulletin

Bulletin #08-GB-120

Date: March 16, 2009

To: All Konica Minolta Sales Channels

From: Marketing and Product Development

Subject: Introducing the NEW bizhub PRO C65hc Digital Color Printing System

Konica Minolta is extremely excited to introduce the new Konica Minolta bizhub PRO C65hc Digital Color Production Printing System. Following in the footsteps of the groundbreaking bizhub PRO C6501, the C65hc with brilliant and vivid High Chroma color output will again forge ahead of the competition by offering customers one of the best ROI models in the Production Print arena. At 65ppm color or in black & white the bizhub PRO C65hc continues the legacy as Konica Minolta’s flagship production-level color model.

The bizhub PRO C65hc is a virtual pioneer with a revolutionary new High Chroma toner. First in its segment to offer value added printing to reproduce a wider gamut color space that so far has been impossible to print. High Chroma delivers brighter, more vivid and more accurate color printing. At last, accurate high quality on-demand High Chroma color printing that is also cost-effective. Brilliant High Chroma color quality and images will rival the output of costly offset equipment and other digital devices – that means higher quality with less setup time and minimum supervision.

In addition to brighter, more eye catching and more accurate color, the bizhub Pro C65hc with High Chroma toner technology has the ability to reproduce more of the sRGB color gamut than previously possible. As a result color conversions are more accurate when printed to a bizhub Pro C65hc and output is much closer to that displayed on sRGB monitors. Konica Minolta High Chroma technology has been specifically developed for use in the bizhub PRO C65hc to support the sRGB criteria and further the success of cross-media communication. This sRGB workflow has been endorsed in recent years for its ability to adapt to a wide range of output formats. Having this ability results in a considerable advantage for cross media communication.

The primary target market for this model is in dedicated environments such as corporate CRD’s and In-Plant Printing Centers, Print-for-Pay, and forward thinking Commercial Printers looking to confidently migrate to a digital workflow from offset with a cost effective solution. Additionally, new target markets include digital print specialists and designers working with illustrations, computer graphics, animation and design. Please see the bizhub PRO C65hc Sale and Launch guide for more comprehensive details on these target markets and their applications.

The bizhub PRO C65hc is also a great fit for short run on-demand jobs. With consistently superior image quality, a robust monthly duty cycle of 300,000 impressions, print speeds of up to 65ppm, 7,500-sheet maximum paper capacity, unattended output capacity of up to 8,400-sheets, the ability to handle up to 300 gsm paper, and offering a wide variety of inline finishing capabilities, the new bizhub PRO C65hc not only meets, but exceeds the needs of most production environments.

In addition to high-speed color throughput on a wide variety of substrates, the C65hc offers flexible, production-grade finishing options similar to those offered on the bizhub PRO line. Finishing options include: 100-sheet stapling with staple cut feature, 6 types of folding, 2/3-hole punch, post-process insertion, saddle-stitch booklet making with automatic face trimming (up to 50-sheets/200-pages), in-line perfect binding for up to 300-sheet/600-page books, and flat-sheet stacking of up to 5,000-sheets with a roll-away cart for easy transport to near-line finishing or packaging/distribution.

Integral to the total bizhub PRO C65hc solution are several powerful controller options. The IC-305 external Fiery image controller allows C65hc users to unleash the power of the C65hc’s throughput and finishing capabilities – right from the desktop. The IC-305 also comes with an impressive array of EFI job, device and color management utilities including Command WorkStation, Fiery WebTools and ColorWise color management tools. Optional Fiery software tools include Color Profiler Suite, Impose v2.7, Compose v2.0, Graphic Arts Package and Graphic Arts Package – Premium Edition. The *IC-304 Plus external Creo image controller is an unabridged solution enabling high productivity with expert color management and control, all with an easy to learn interface. The IC-304 Plus also offers flexibility to support the C65hc as well as the full range of available finishing options. It is important to note the IC-408 Internal Fiery Image controller does not support the bizhub PRO C65hc and the bizhub PRO C65hc does not support copying or scanning.

We will also post the material listed below as it becomes available for download from MyKonicaMinolta.

• Product Brochure

• Product Spec Sheet

• Specification and Installation Guide with a Configuration Chart

• PowerPoint Presentation

• Product and Sales Guide

• Press Release

• User Guides

Current IC-305 Fiery controllers will require updated color profiles to take advantage of the C65hc's High Chroma colors. The profile patch is available for download from the Konica Minolta download selector.

Please NOTE: This profile patch is for v2.0 Fiery System code only.

The files below have been posted to the Konica Minolta download selector site.

- - which is filed under the IC-303 and IC-305 as System Code with a release note stating "ONLY" for the C65hc. - which is in the applicable firmware for the C65hc - this file has been filed as 'base firmware' under the C65hc.

*There is a separate patch required for the Creo IC-304, not yet available however is scheduled for release later in March. Updated information regarding this patch will be provided in the near future.

Konica Minolta highly encourages you to learn more about advanced color from the following two courses offered to support your C65hc sales success.

Managing Color Output:

This 2-day course provides an in-depth analysis of how to produce "exceptional color" using Konica Minolta's color products and Fiery controller systems. It is based on the premise that every sales and support person needs to be knowledgeable about the language of color and factors in calibration, scanning, and printing that influence output quality and customer expectations. The course provides ample hands-on for mastering calibration, choosing correct targets, basic image correction techniques, file configurations and scanning.

Fiery, Fiery, Fiery!:

Get all Fiery’ed up! Learn the A’s through Z’s about Fiery in this comprehensive 3-day instructor-led course. Walk from the basics of what the Fiery Print Server is, how and where it should be placed, who would buy it, and how to demo its features. Apply the features to real-life scenarios and demonstrate the functionalities that sell. This course answers every question regarding the Fiery server functionality and features that any sales rep would need to successfully sell the server.

Clearly, the introduction of the bizhub PRO C65hc will enable Konica Minolta to not only maintain, but expand our leadership role in the Production Color market space.

Good luck and good selling!

Bill Milde

Product Marketing Manager

Production Systems
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