I hope that someone can help. On the model line 22 - 45 that have scan print, what do you need to do to enable the equipment to have internet fax capabilities? Is the solution Scan Router Pro? I appreciate anyone who can help me out. I am in a total jam with an RFQ due in a couple days. Thanks for all of your help.

P.S. Art, I have been slammed, I need to get in touch,
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Why don't you join us in NY at the On Demand Expo at the Javits Center in March. There is a thread posted earlier this week about it with a link. You are in Pittsburg, right? That's only a hop skip and a jump. Hope to see you there, we are trying to get a group of people from the p4p Hotel toghether.
I do not believe you can internet fax with the 2035/2045. I hope I'm wrong.

The 2022/2027 will internet fax (T.37) with the installation of the following two accessories:
1. Print / Scan DIMM
2. Facsimile Interface

Both, the sending and receiving system must have an email account and username registered in the device. And, I think all documents are scanned as a letter sized image. Even if you scan 11x17 it reduces it to send via internet fax. The good news is they can still send 11x17 via the regular fax technology or scan to email. You can only send via internet fax up to 200x200 dpi. Just a little FYI.

That's all you need!
Art, I am not sure if you can. I just had a baby on the 9th, a little girl named ZOEY. Just closed 1 large account, trying to maintain my down the street sales, working on a large RFQ and trying to resolve some 3rd party software issues on other accounts.

However, I am intersted in going to NYC in March. Could you let me know the dates, and I will bring it up to the principals in my company to see if they'll help fund it. NY is about 8 hours from me, so it's not to far.

I appreciate all of the feedback. Has anyone set up LAN FAX Receoption on a 35 or 45, Since it is server-less what is the process for an end-user to receive notification or incoming faxes to their attention and, what does the person sending the fax have to do?



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