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Does anyone sell these as a compliment to their copier line? I am thinking about getting into the high end part of this business. I see them everywhere in my territory across many industries.

The sales model is similar to that of a fax machine. Sells for $1-2k with approx 25% GP, very reliable, Maintenance contracts with local service support and consummable items the customer purchases from you.
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We sold two copiers recently to a Window & Door Manufacturer. One of the copiers had 4k clicks on it in less than a week so we thought we would have a good revenue stream.

I have been thinking about these Label printers so I asked the client about how they use the ones that they already have. I was floored when the client told me that they plan to spend $100k this year on labels alone.
Yes, I am getting the same feeling about this low margin business.

I am hoping if it help gain access to a new account, it could open the doors to quoting on the customers copiers.

Also, it could be useful as a "Wrap Around" sales tactic against National copier Vendors. By this, I mean it is probably difficult for Xerox or Ikon to bundle them into their quotes. I can easily add the additional cost of one into a copier quote and give it away as "free".

As the labels themselves can be bought from just about anywhere, there is no guarantee of the supply business. As there are 1,000 different types of labels you could not keep much of inventory in stock other than the customers most popular requests. Your advantage against an online vendor would be quick local delivery.

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