Incovo is pleased to announce that it has received the prestigious and highly competitive Konica Minolta Five Star accreditation. Every Konica Minota dealer is audited against stringent servicing guidelines; those who meet the necessary requirements are awarded a three, four or five star rating.


Companies who are awarded this impressive credential are outstanding in service, professionalism and expertise and incovo is honoured to be among the highest ranked service companies in the UK and looks forward to the new opportunities this star-studded credential will bring.


Incovo has spent the last decade raising the bar. As Scotland’s leading systems integrator of ICT solutions, the company has worked tirelessly to provide peerless service, support and quality since its inception.


Incovo prides themselves on the ability to show each and every client that customer relationships are just as important as getting the job done properly. They have spent over ten years striving to reduce costs, increase interactions and provide the perfect solution every time. With a flexible and personalised approach to doing business, incovo is proud to be recognised for their hard work and achievement.


It is their belief that serving clients is not a “one size fits all” venture but one that relies on a relationship fostered out of trust and respect. With the combination of unmatched quality and compassion alongside their new Konica Minolta Five Star accreditation, incovo hopes to take their business model to new heights with more reason than ever to continue to work hard to serve others.


About incovo


Founded in 2002, incovo has taken every step possible to make a name for themselves as a provider of top notch quality. They aim to provide services, solutions and technologies to meet every client's needs and goals of improvement. By working together one-on-one with clients, incovo’s dedicated team has helped dozens of companies reach technological resolutions.


Incovo takes the services a company is currently using, evaluates them and offers an innovative solution through their one of a kind process they like to call AUDITTS – Analyse, Understand, Design, Implement, Test, Train and Support.


Through these focused steps, the company is able to deduce and understand a client’s needs, design a practical and affordable solution, test new technology, train team members to implement a new answer to business needs and offer supportive help, every step of the way. Incovo is proud to be held to such high standards of quality and service.


Stop by and visit them at and see how they can make a change that’s right for you.


About Konica Minolta


Konica Minolta is the worldwide leader in the industrial measurement of colour, light, and three-dimensional shape. Known for producing over 70% of the industrial light meters purchased and installed around the globe, the company has spent years taking innovative strides forward, honing their craft, and providing quality products. Companies across the world value their prestigious accreditation, making the Konica name synonymous with a high calibre of service and innovation.


Konica Minolta’s customers are guaranteed a trio of trust, or a three-pillar system intended to ensure standards of conformance and reliability, adherence to safety regulations and full support in all products and services. The revolutionary technology behind everything Konica Minolta does has paved the way for the company’s ground breaking success.

Take a glimpse at everything they have achieved at

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