MELVILLE, NY—September 4, 2014—Canon Solutions America, a wholly-owned  subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., today announced that IMS Inc., a fully  integrated service provider of print, electronic, and mail  communications, has added two OcÉ VarioPrint digital perfecting systems to its fleet of digital printing technology.

A  nationally accredited multi-channel communications leader, IMS Inc.  serves Fortune 500 and top-level performers across a number of  industries, including financial services, insurance, healthcare, and  collections/accounts receivable management, delivering variable-data  printing, e-document delivery, traditional mail, interactive Web  portals, and other services. Throughout its nearly three decades in  business, IMS Inc. has consistently invested in technology and  infrastructure to provide sophisticated, yet cost-effective solutions.


The  OcÉ VarioPrint 6250 MICR+ and OcÉ VarioPrint 6320 TP+ digital  perfecting systems provide the reliability that IMS Inc. requires for  meeting its customer demands.

“IMS continually searches for  partners who are innovative and look to provide an enhanced  value-proposition for their customer base,” said John D. Mashia Jr.,  president and COO. “In Canon Solutions America, we feel that we have  added a partner that is going to help us grow our business.  Additionally, Canon has shown its commitment to the space by  consistently investing in R&D to enhance their technology offerings.  These factors along with the performance exhibited by the OcÉ  VarioPrint systems made us feel comfortable embarking in a new business  relationship with their organization.” 

Good for Business
Pleased with Canon Solutions America’s offerings and its approach to customer service, Mashia decided to move forward with two OcÉ VarioPrint digital printers.  After an extensive marketplace-testing period, he and his team were  impressed with its outstanding print quality and speed of operation, but  it was the system’s dependability that was the deciding factor for IMS  Inc.

“Providing our customers exceptional service and meeting  critical SLA [Service Level Agreement] requirements is an important  priority of our organization,” added Mashia.

According to  Francis A. McMahon, vice president, marketing, Production Print  Solutions division of Canon Solutions America, IMS Inc. is a powerful  addition to the company’s lineup of print service providers.

“It’s  a source of great pride for Canon Solutions America to be able to  partner with a company like IMS that delivers quality service on-time  and cost-effectively,” relayed McMahon.

About IMS Inc.

Founded  in 1986 by Chairman and CEO W. Lee Vanderpool, Jr., IMS Inc. was a  pioneer in the presort mail industry and has evolved into a nationally  accredited multi-channel communications leader servicing clients  throughout the United States and Canada on a daily basis. Headquartered  in Liverpool, NY, IMS Inc. provides custom communication solutions  delivered through high-quality variable-data printing, interactive Web  portals, traditional mail, and e-document delivery.
About Canon Solutions America
Combining  the strengths of the former Canon Business Solutions and OcÉ North  America, Canon Solutions America provides industry leading enterprise  services, advanced production print technology and large format  solutions supported by exceptional professional service offerings. Canon  Solutions America helps companies of all sizes to improve their  business by increasing efficiency, controlling costs and becoming more  environmentally conscious. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A.  Canon Solutions America is headquartered in Melville, NY, and has sales  and service locations across the United States.

Source: Canon Solutions America.

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