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Ricoh Business Solutions is on an aggressive plan to get all business, NO MATTER WHAT THE COST!

I have qoutes from RBS where they are selling machines below our cost and are affecting our bottom line. One quote showed a single machine placement at 10% above DMAP 6 and another @ 12% above DMAP 6! This can not continue!

If you are not affected by RBS distibution right now, you may be in the future! The time to act is NOW!

We are prepared to send certifed letters to Ricoh to the top of the food chain, focusing our displeasure with over distribution, along with unfair sales practices.

What we need is you the guys and gals out on the street to endores the letter and send it via certified mail.

I have made a few personal phone calls to some of you and as of right now we have many who are committed to the letter. The letter will be drafted over the next few days and emailed to you, so you can send the letter to the correct people. I will supply names and addresses.

Ten letters will not do the trick nor 50, but when Ricoh receives 400 certified letters, I think that this will make an impact and a statement that we are sick and tired of their business practices.

Please respond below and I will email you the letter in a few days. Keep in mind that some of you are not affected right now, however what is going to stop Ricoh from opening Direct Brances or buying dealers in seconardy markets? We can, however we need to be heard.

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I know understand that this sales process comes from top Lanier people that have taken prominant positions within RBS.

The bottom line is to drive new business, even if it means selling th box at or below cost. They are counting on recieving the click revenue to drive profits.

A good friend of mine in Texas, "Old Glory" made the suggestion that we let them take their sale at cost and then take the cpp business from them, how long can they last if give them a better rate on service?

So, not a bad idea, as a matter of fact it may be the best idea, let them have the sale and tell the customer not to commit to a service and supply contract, and then take the service and supply contract from the dealer.
If you aren't getting significant commissions on "stolen" maintenance agreements, negotiate for is in your company's best interest. If you are getting 10% on the agreements you sell with equipment, I would "sell" your management on the idea of paying 25% of the first year on agreements "stolen" from the competition. If they say they can't afford it, then how about 10% each year for 3 years and build for yourself a revenue stream of income. Dealer's and sales reps must come up with alternative forms of income if we are to survive in this environment.
John Anderson from Gainsville, Fl has volunteered to draft a letter and be part of a two or three person committee. This will be a ltter that represents sales people that are working for dealers.

Can anyone else step up and work with John to develop a professional letter with John that will explain our concerns with pricing.
Now is worse than ever with the RICOH product! RBS or RICOH AMERICA as I think they call themselves now, are dirtbags. The philosphies that they are using and actively marketing are destroying the marketplace and the value of their name; by the way which was built by the dealer community.

Quite frankly, I am very happy that my company has offerings from different vendors. My region is already oversaturated with RFG products, that quite frankly aren't better, more feature rich than any other manufacturer. Not to mention, 80% of the reps that RBS and other powerhouses employ are bozo's and couldn't sell or comprehend the term value if it was shoved down their throat.

Unfortunatly, it seems as if RICOH isn't the only one doing this though. I belive that the manufactuers who have been profiting from the dealer community get enjoymentment from watching small companies go out of busienss and stuggle because they can sell the box for less. There is some irony though!

The Companies who create the solutions for us to engage customers with have nothing to offer from their direct branches, atleast in my region than a bunch of idiots with such horrible salesmanship that they can only sell somthing with the BOX MOVER MENTALITY WHEN THEY ARE BUYING BUSINESS.

Good Luck Ricoh and See ya Later, I am leading with my second lines.

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