I have an opportunity I am working with our professional services team to move a client from 40,000/Month prints on a couple Dot Matrix Impact Printers to a solution with Kyocera MFPs on carbon less paper.

I was wondering if anyone has any info on Cost per print for on IBM (6400) models, or how to calculate this to reflect in my ROI presentation.  Right now  only see info on the ribbons and the "Up to   X amount of characters per ribbon"

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here you go.

You need to first find out the volume of pages being used.  Note why type of paper is being used;

  • carbonless (does it have two, three or four sheets) for each page. Or is it just single page
  • Does the paper have a pre-printed image? If so they there is a higher cost for that and you would need to see invoices from the client for the pricing
  • Cost of maintenance agreement for each IBM (6400), this can be very costly and you'll also need to know if the maintenance agreement includes print heads
  • Cost of ribbons (are they using OEM or generic)

Here's and example of to part carbonless tractor feed paper;

Paper:  Cost is 70.31 for 1,650 sheets.  70.31/1,650 = .04279 per sheet


Ribbon:  Cost is $229 for 30,000,000 characters 229/30,000,000 = .0000076 per character.  You will then need to examine the types of printed pages and come up with an average amount of characters used on each page.  Personally I would start with 1,000 but you want to nail this down.  Thus 1,000x.000076=.0076


Print Mode:  High Quality print mode will lower the yield of the ribbons

If print heads are not included in the maintenance agreement you'll need to look that up also

Call me or PM me if you need additional help

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