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By West McDonald

If you make your living selling MPS you know as well as anybody that the space isn’t growing in leaps and bounds. There are lots of people talking about MPS as a mature market. Translation: Growth is flat, at best, and more likely in a slow decline. It’s not all bad news. There are persistent pockets and verticals that continue to print heavily. And there is nothing better than a good MPS Assessment to help you chase down the pages. Going after “net new” business is easy if you have something to tell them that their current provider cannot. But where to get this information? Fortunately a variety of Print Audit tools provide a more “granular” look at how and what people are printing. Just the sort of thing you need to get a new customer’s attention. A lot has changed in 2 years. The following statistics were gathered from assessments performed using our Print Audit 6 user-based tools and compare the years 2011 and 2013:


Color printing is 8 to 10 times more profitable than monochrome. Looking for more color pages? Focus here:

    • Internet Explorer users like their color: On average, 80% of pages printed from Internet Explorer are printed in color (up from 60% in 2011), while only 15% of Google Chrome (way up from 2% in 2010) and 2% (down from 5% in 2011) of Firefox pages are printed in color. This could be because 90% of all Internet Explorer users are 65+ years old. Okay. I made that up though it’s likely true.
    • MAC environments print more color than Windows shops: People with Mac workstations print 30% more color than Windows based computers. I would bet this has to do with most MAC-heavy shops doing a lot of design work.
    • Canons go “Kaboom”: Canon printers are used more for color that any other brand. Canon does a great job of selling to those in need of pantone matching and other high-quality color areas.
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Great article from West! Those are some interesting stats.


Regarding "Canon go Kaboom": Canon will always push hard for colour because they want to maintain their #1 spot in the marketplace.


On the dealer side profitability is based on what the account needs. If a customer is doing 10 colour prints a month on an inkjet printer, dealers will sell a monochrome box. Corporate Canon on the other hand will push for a colour box, even though the colour volumes are not enough to make profit on the colour click charges.

In my territory I'm finding that there are HUGE MPS opportunities. In the past year I've noticed a lot of businesses are turning back to laserjet and inkjet printers because the purchase is cheap and the economy is not so great in my town.


Managing printers is the first step which eventually leads into the copier sale because customers finally see the need for consolidated costs.


Plus, a good walk through always opens up new opportunities whether that is workflow solutions, scanners, document management, etc.

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