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HP rehires Christian Slater for security push

In past, company ran video ads featuring actor Christian Slater as a hacker named “The Wolf” who access company data by hacking into printers and MFPs

  • Has brought him back for new set of ads to promote new HP Wolf Security solutions
  • New focus on potential security vulnerabilities from remote workers using devices at home
  • New report published with results of latest survey:
    • 45% of IT decision makers say they have seen evidence in their company of compromised printers being used as an attack point in past year
    • 86% have concerns around the security of their home printers
    • 1.5 attacks per minute on endpoints connected to Internet, including
      printers and MFPs
    • 91% plan on making endpoint security just as important as network security
  • HP Wolf Security solution offers:
    • “new breed of endpoint security
    • Safeguard PCs, printers and people from cyber predators
    • Unites existing HP security offerings under new brand
    • Technologies include:
      • Self-healing firmware
      • In-memory breach detection
      • Threat containment via virtualization
      • Cloud-based intelligence
      • Remote recovery from firmware attacks
      • Threat data collection
      • Alerts
      • Next-gen anti-virus
  • Is offering online training and resources for dealers to sell new solution
  • Is planning a series of virtual “road shows” for dealers and their customers

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