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Greetings, creators!

In today’s email, we will be continuing our deep dive on LinkedInLive. Now that you know how to get started, let’s take a look at some LinkedIn Live best practices.

What else you'll find in this email:

  • Advice from a LinkedIn creator manager
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Going live is one of the most powerful tools in your creator tool box. Why? Because it opens up a lane for a more meaningful connection with your community.

Creators are already using this connection to establish thought leadership, share unique moments and drive interactive dialogue with their communities and you can too! Check out two creators who have mastered the art of LinkedIn Live:

  • Winnie Sun goes live 3x a week to share what’s happening in finance
  • Jackye Clayton goes live weekly with a friend to talk about culture and diversity in the workplace

5 Best Practices:

  1. Promote your stream beforehand. Post the details of your stream on your LI profile and encourage members to hit the “Attend” button on your LinkedIn Live event page to be notified. Don’t be shy to promote your live stream on your other social channels as well!
  2. Ideal range for length is 15 minutes to one hour. While keeping video content on the short side is generally advisable, we actually recommend viewing 15 minutes as the floor for a live broadcast. It’s an event! Give it time to build.
  3. Moderation is key. We’re not talking about alcohol or desserts; we’re talking about audience engagement. Because live video tends to elicit more comments and feedback, you’ll want to dedicate time to responding and answering.
  4. Hashtags help discovery. Including #LinkedInLive and other relevant hashtags will help your broadcast be discovered by people outside your profile’s following.
  5. Repurpose your live stream. Download your live stream after its conclusion to be repurposed in other marketing materials. Consider slicing the content into video ads or transcribing the conversation to be turned into a blog post. Don’t forget to encourage your audience to watch the replay as well.

For even more advice on leveraging LinkedIn Live, including best-in-class examples, download our free best practices guide.

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