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the last time there was a recession I was trying to remember some of the talking points I used for our clients when it comes to leasing and how leasing can hedge against inflation.  All of a sudden there it was in one of my emails, thought I would share:

Inflation isn’t just hitting you at the gas tank; it’s hitting your customers’ budgets today and could impact their future acquisitions.

Offering solutions through CIT can be a way to help your customer hedge against that by:

  • Leveraging future dollars that will be worth less to pay for equipment over time
  • Accelerating acquisitions to avoid pending price hikes.
  • Providing cost-effective monthly payments to meet individual business needs

Looking for more information on the topic? Check out the article our team has put together.

Let’s explore how we can help you maximize your customers’ buying power now by locking in today to avoid rising rates.

Talk soon,

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