Have you just posted something and you've...

  • made a spelling mistake, or
  • you forgot to add something or
  • you want to make the layout of your post look better?

What you want to do is called "Editing a post."  Follow the instructions below.


Note: You have one hour after you create a new topic or a reply, to EDIT that topic/reply. After that, your post can only be edited by a forum Moderator.

If this "grace period" has elapsed and there is something you need to add, use the POST REPLY button to add an additional post. (Don't be surprised if a moderator later combines your posts.)
If you really can't stand the way your post looks, create a DIALOG with Community Member: "Rotation.org Forum Moderator".




  1. At the bottom of the post that you'd like to edit, look for the "gear" symbol. (Indicated in the picture below with a red arrow.)
    Look for 'gear' icon
  2. Navigate your mouse over the gear symbol, and some other symbols appear.  Click on the one that looks like a piece of paper with a pen
  3. Click on the symbol that looks like a writing implement on a piece of paper.  (Ha! Just what we need in these days of everything electronic - paper!) A red arrow above points out our symbol of interest.
    When you click on this piece of paper, an editing window will open up. (Shown below surrounded in red.)
    Note: You may see fewer symbols. If you do not see the editing symbol then you're too late. Your hour of grace period has expired. (See the note in the box at the top.)


    The Editing Window
  4. Modify whatever you need to change.  A couple of hints: 
  • You can scroll down the editing box by moving the button indicated by the first red arrow below.

Screen controls

  • You can make it easier to see what you are trying to do by making the editing box bigger. Just click the triangle of lines that is down in the lower right corner, indicated by the second red arrow in the picture above, and drag the box down -- and create a bigger editing box!
  • You can jazz up your post by referring to the menu bar at the top of the editing window. (Shown below.) Add bolding (using the "B" indicated by the 1st red arrow below) and indenting (2nd red arrow) and add a horizontal line (3rd red arrow).

Read more on indenting below. (It can be a bit tricky.)





When you are all done, click on the "Post Now" button at the bottom of the editing window.


Picture 9




Pat yourself on the back! You've learned something new!

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Original Post

What if you want to delete a post?



As mentioned above, you have 60 minutes after you create a new topic or reply in which to EDIT IT.  After that, your post can only be edited by a forum Moderator.



DELETING a new topic, post or reply that you have created is a little bit different.


  • Users can always delete their own comments/replies to any piece of content.
  • Users can always delete posts made to their profile's comment wall.
  • Users can always delete their own clips (pictures they've added to their "clips file").
  • Users can always delete forum topics that they have posted unless the topic has one or more replies.  (If you are a topic starter and deleted your initial post, it would wipe out replies too. Can't have that happening!)


In all other cases, the user must have "manage content permissions" set on their account to be able to delete content.


If you think that you'd like to have special content management permissions set on your account to help moderate, edit, condense and otherwise keep the board readable -- or you just want to be able to edit your own posts whenever -- create a DIALOG with Community Member: "Rotation.org Forum Moderator."


(Prerequisites: must be a frequent contributor of content to the site.)

How to edit a post: MORE ON HOW TO INDENT


There are limitations to this posting editor and one of them is that using a TAB does nothing! 


Become friends with the indent button on the edit menu bar...


Indent edit menu bar



That's the Indent button circled in red above.  Use this button instead of a TAB. 



But there are quirks to its use. (Don't give up! You can do this!)



Let's say you want to indent the lines highlighted below...


How to indent 2



So you select them with your mouse and you hit the Indent button. This may work just fine OR IT MAY NOT!  Perhaps you see this...


How to indent 3



What the heck!!?? 


Well, it's just a quirk. You can fix it. Follow the steps below...



How to indent 4


This will put everything back into it's place. (Not shown.)


What is needed is a carriage return to separate the text you want to indent from what you don't want to indent.



So, position your cursor at the end of the line which you didn't want to indent...


(Don't worry if it appears that nothing is different! This particular carriage return is invisible!)


Then click on the Indent button again.


How to indent 5



This should make it right... 


How to indent 6



Voilà! It is beautiful!  How can you improve the looks of your posts?


(Why not make your post look pretty?)



You can add a horizontal line while you are posting or editing. Become friends with this button on the edit menu bar (shown circled in red below).



Edit Bar- horizontal line button



Just position your cursor where you'd like a line to appear and click the horizontal line button.



Why use this?


To separate the various portions of a lesson - the background info from the setting up info and the actual lesson.



An example of using the horizontal line is shown below...


Horizontal line editing example



Makes things look very nice!  Try it.

How to edit a post: ADDING A LINK


First, a note about adding links:


Links are likely to go dead.   


While links provide a measure of convenience, when they inevitably no longer work, they add nothing but frustration!  When you add a link, provide some extra info: the full title of the resource, the author or publisher, and the publication date. 



Note: Rotation.org Inc. reserves the right to delete a resource link in favor of something like "available through a number of sources" as we do not want to favor one company over another.



Now, on to the instructions... 



You can always just paste in the URL of a page, like this:





But that can look scary! (And messy looking.)



How about adding links in a nice, neat fashion such as this -- with underlined words that folks can click on and be taken to a particular page, like this:



Create a link-1



How to do this? Glad you asked! 



First, go to the page you wish to link to and copy the URL of that page.



Now go to the post you are working on and "select" the text you want to link to (drag your mouse over the word(s) for your link to apply to.)


Note: This assumes that you've already typed the words!


Then select the chain link option on the edit menu bar...


Creating a link-2




Doing this opens up a box that looks like this:  


             Create a link-3  


Paste the link into the "Link URL" box. And then click on the "Insert" button.

(I'm not sure why only half of this button appears.)



And look-see what you've created! A nice, clean link. 


creating a link-4




Happy posting!




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