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Interested in feedback what everyone is using. We sell Ricoh products and use the following:

App from appstore for Iphone or android.

Lantronix xprint server - good solution but not free

google chrome cloud print.


I'm interested in seeing what everyone's experiences have been with these solutions and any others you are using.



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^^ Deanw- funny you should post this-I'm trying to upsell the Free Ricoh print/scan app to a customer who wants to replace their 4001 with a 4503. Explaining how employees and guests can connect to their wifi network and can download the free Ricoh print & scan app for iPhone and Android. I have used it with my iphone on the 2003 in our office and it is not very user friendly. I was told it is a little more user friendly for Android but have yet to use it on an android device. Also told that the app is easier to use with the smart ops panel- so I told my customer I would include the panel.


I'll have to check out the Lantronix

It would be a lot easier if Ricoh would introduce a Print Enabler for Android.  Pretty much every other manufacturer has a Print Enabler, & it makes printing basically the same as printing from PC minus finishing features.  I really like the Smart Device Print App because of the ability to do Locked Print, Finishing, User Codes and the like.

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