How Do You Achieve a Paperless World?

PLEASANTON, CA - Visioneer, Inc., a leader in scanner and document management  solutions, today announced the Visioneer RoadWarrior 3, a complete document scanning  solution for people on the go. After polling customers, Visioneer confirmed that  they want a mobile scanner that can solve all of their paper to digital needs,  not just a bare-bones, driver only, DIY scanner.


"We're not yet living in a paperless world so being able to capture, organize  and share documents, regardless of your physical location, is essential for  today's digital and mobile lifestyle," said John Capurso, President & CEO at  Visioneer. "The Visioneer RoadWarrior 3 is the perfect solution. It is the most  complete USB powered mobile scanner that works anywhere, even when AC power is  unavailable."


What makes RoadWarrior 3 the most complete scanner in its class? The  RoadWarrior 3 includes a software and driver bundle that will enable scanned  documents to be easily captured, organized and shared. Weighing barely more than  a 12 oz. bottle of water with dimensions similar to a rolled up magazine, the  RoadWarrior 3 packs easily in a laptop bag. So when Visioneer says it's mobile,  they mean it.


Capture - Using Visioneer's most advanced scanning technology, the  RoadWarrior 3 can scan any document, ID card, receipt, business card or photo up  to 8.5" x 14" with the included

  • AutoLaunch technology - insert paper and scanning begins.
  • Visioneer OneTouch  - Connect your scan button to any  application, storage location or device.
  • DriverPLUS - The most reliable, compatible and  functional TWAIN driver in the industry.

Organize - Organizing scanned receipts and documents have never been easier  using the software bundled with the RoadWarrior 3. Simply scan documents and  then toss the paper in the recycle bin, instead use:

  • Nuance PaperPort - desktop document organizing software.
  • Nuance OmniPage - the most accurate OCR software to turn paper into  words.

Share - The common goal of achieving a paperless world is to make the process  of finding and sharing information easier. After all, users don't want the  paper; they want the information that is on the paper. The RoadWarrior 3 is  the vehicle for transforming information into searchable PDF files to be shared  and searched using:

  • Nuance PDF Converter - Full function PDF capability without spending  $449*.

Price and Availability The Visioneer RoadWarrior 3 is priced at $129.99  and is available through online channel partners, VARs, major resellers and


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