What is the "on Service" subscription for these printers. Does it just provide an IP address or something else?
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SO, the way the Hotspot printers work (as I understand it) is, you plug them in and give them internet access and there is a label on the front with the printers email address.

You email your document to the printer and it prints. You can optionally require that the submitter pay a fee via credit card (provider takes a cut of that)before it prints.

So, the service fees for this would cover the email address, not an IP as the printer is sitting on your network, presumably behind firewalls, etc.

Do you know what service companies that would handle the internet billing for these HOT spot printers?
Not sure I understand your question.

As far as billing a charge for prints, there is only 1 company. That's the service fee you are paying, to have the printer have an account at that company.

I have no idea what company that is, but it doesn't really matter since it's not like you can switch to a different company.
thanx, I found this late last night on the ricoh-usa site:

Support for third party billing systems — Ricoh is partnering with PrinterOn and WebPay Services Aps (WPS) to enable hosted billing solutions so that the system can count the number of pages, calculate the job cost, and initiate a credit card billing sequence. When sending a job from a PC the service is called WebPay. When sending from a handheld device it is called MobilePay.

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