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Daily I get the emails about social selling.  Post relevant information on LinkedIn, and strike up conversations with potential clients when they post a thread.

Here's some of the rubs:

1) I do not see that many "C" levels execs posting that often on Linkedin

2) Many of those "C" level execs that do are having their content posted up by ad agencies or internet marketers.  I know of many that CEO's that do this because they do not have the time to post that content themselves. I find this scenario only growing as more "C" execs find out that they can pay to have this service done for them.

3) Thus it's very hard to have a conversation with another company that is posting up the content for that "C" level exec. 

4) In the last 12 months, I've been able to connect with ten "C" level prospects with LinkedIn.  Two of those have resulted in appointments.  That's not that bad, with one of out of every five resulting in an appointment.  So far, I've had zero sales from those appointments.

4) Once an LinkedIn inmail has been sent to that "C" level exec there is no guarantee that they will ever respond. 

I'm not bashing LinkedIn, and I'm not stating that using LinkedIn is a waste of time.  You need to have a plan for LinkedIn, and decide what you want to get out of LinkedIn.

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