I'm going to post this in the Canon Directory also since you're needing additional info with UniFlow

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Hi Vince

This was the original thread that was posted in the Ricoh forum:

We have a government prospect that is looking for a solution that will integrate with Active Directory so that they don't have to manage their MFPs manually.

Canon is offering their Uniflow product.  Does anyone know of a solution that is comparable?  As far as users and scan to email I was thinking of just using LDAP.  Ricoh's Central Address Book Management would allow them to only have to manage 1 MFP but it doesn't seem to be quite as seemless as I would like.

Aside from scan to email, I'm not sure what they hope to use the AD synchronization for...I will ask them but I need to learn a little more about Uniflow and what its capabilities are.

Thanks for any help!


Papercut is UniFLOW's primary competition. I think that Ricoh's support Papercut, correct? That would allow you to do an AD login with a RFID or Mag Stripe Card, PIN #, or typing credentials. Typically once you do an AD login on an MFD it allows a Scan to MySelf email. I am not sure about the Ricoh MFDs, it has been a while since I supported them. Papercut does offer an Advanced Scanning option but only for certain Manufacturers.

Does your company support Papercut?



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