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Placed a refurb 50 ppm Toshiba 8 months ago. Had a couple issues now customer wants a new machine
Buyout is almost 11k
Proposed a new Samsung 40 ppm a3 only Samsung has decided not to supply these to small dealers.Nice!
What options do you suggest that I can cover upgrade amount cost of new machine and make a few bucks
Can go up to $600 n a 48 month fmv
Appreciate the feedback
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You likely made a big profit on the first deal based on the wholesale value of used gear. Customer is screwed.

Best thing to do is do the right thing. Forget the idea of "making a few bucks" on this one and do the right thing for the customer. Make the current machine right or replace it for them at no additional cost or harm to them. Be happy to keep the customer.
A deal like this could blow up in your face....

I'd sell them a new machine and it's all going to be on how you do your proposal. As fisher states your probably going to sacrifice profit on this one. Use only MSRP pricing for the new deal, they bought from you once, most likely they will do the same again. Charge for all of the extras like delivery, install, training, support. If you can get the 600 per month looks like you can get 13K for the new system.

So, you take the list price and all of the extras and add em up, then show the customer the buyout for the grand total and then take the buy off the grand total. That;s the way I would show it and I'd also say a prayer.
You should be able to go to a broker and get another 50ppm Toshiba for dirt cheep. I'd swap the machine out or fix the existing one. No way would I roll the lease on the customer.

Just be honest with the customer and do the right thing by them. One call to a competitor for a quote and you are toast.

Make it a positive in the customer's mind. The customer will respect you more in the long run if youdo the right thing. Roll the lease and risk losing the customer forever.
First what was the terms of the first lease? What was the payment? How many months left? When you leased the used Toshiba did you check new or used on the lease?

Fisher is right take care of the customer and they will take care of you. Yo need to build that trust and respect back up because right now the customer thinks he got a lemon and you do not care. If he believes that you need to act fast otherwise he will shop you and that will be the end of that customer. Honesty is always the best policy because there are too many crooks in this business. Do not try to roll them and do not sell at list you would never get the is rare that anything is sold at MSRP.
I'm working hard to fix this situation. They do not want another Toshiba and for my second option Samsung just shot me down. They wont sell me the new A3 Black and White. I've been selling their stuff for 6 years and this is the thanks I get. Say I'm to small.
Any input on the Sharp MX-M453 or
eed a suggestion on a 45 ppm print black and white volume about 8k a month need ledger
Sorry. Once I get outside my norm everything becomes a blur
Appreciate all your expertise
I am a small independent been in business over 12 years. Main line is Toshiba with a secondary being Samsung. Both of ehich are not a option for this customer
I can get Pretty much anything through association but I don't won't to do wrong to the customer
I am looking for a good machine that will work well for them
I am a service tech so usually working on different products is not a issue
Joe....can you get access to Canon? They make a very affordable 3200 series box. That comes in 25, 35 and 45ppm versions. Depending on your customers scanning needs and if PCL or PS is needed. Look for the "i" model. Like a 3235i or the 3245i. You can also get the non "i" model as well.

What are the criteria that you customer is looking for?

I think your customer would appreciate that he now has Canon the leader in the industry. You will not do your customer wrong with a Canon.
Joe.....sounds like Sharp1 is bias on the 453. I agree with sharp1 that the 453 is a nice unit. But doesn't any 45ppm unit run 5000-20,000/mo? That is the norm for that segment. I should know I worked for Sharp and sold these exact systems. But I have to say if you have an customer that is already not happy then you try to sell them a system with all those extra bells and whistles when they don't want or need then....well you are adding fuel to the fire. I sell against Sharp all the time and have won with many different Canon solutions. Check out the Canon 3235i or 45i if you can get access to these? You might even be able to use a 3235 or 3245 and save the customer some money. If your client has large PDF files they need to print.....there is no driver on the market that compares to the rip time of the Canon UFR (ultra fast rendering) II driver....check it out on youtube and you will see what I am talking about. Watch the video that rips a 12 page, 46MB PDF in 44secs.

I have replaced a few Toshiba's with the 3235i and 3245i's. Customers love them because they are very user friendly!
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Joe, keep us updated as to the solution you come up with. You stated "a couple of issues" and they want new machine - there are ALWAYS a "couple of issues" so my thought is can't they be mitigated with deferred service/supplies or free service on their laser printers?

Take away's on this are #1 Do RIGHT by the customer #2 Don't try to squeeze more profit out of him - be the GOOD GUY and #3 Whatever your fix, babysit the heck out of them so they know how concerned you are - there'll be a referral down the road.

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