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If we turn on OCR in the rules of Global Scan delivery, it's my understanding that a letter document will would be auto rotated to the correct viewing on a PC.  Meaning if you scanned it landscape it would appear portrait so you did not have to rotate the image to view it.


Thus, my question, would the same happen with a wide format drawing, if it were OCR'd?


Any takers?

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I never did a lot with Global Scan when I was at Ricoh Business Systems \ Boston but I have done some work with OCR and large format. It is not an easy task. The amount of data that has to be processed, especially since most of the Wide Format is drawings and not text. If you can set a specific zone to OCR maybe it would work better. But at least the last time I looked at it, it didn't turn out very successful. Again, I didn't use GlobalScan, so maybe it will turn out better for you. Would love to hear how it goes.


Good Luck!


Hi Art,


The only piece of software that I can think can do this is eCopy ShareScan. The back end is completely customizable, so you should be able to configure every scan to auto rotate before getting dumped into the watch folder.


Most manufacturers are eCopy authorized, so I would talk to your dealer account manager to confirm this.

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