Global Imaging Systems Rebranded as Xerox Business Solutions

NORWALK, Conn. - January 15, 2019 - Xerox is focused on better serving the small-to-medium size business (SMB) market with a more client-centric, simplified and integrated approach across the company. This approach will include better leveraging enterprise-wide our capabilities in the areas of technical services, eCommerce, marketing and IT, to deliver more value to customers.

An element of this change includes a rebrand of Global Imaging Systems (GIS) to become Xerox Business Solutions (XBS). XBS is a provider of business technology solutions. Its companies sell and service document management systems, including printers, multifunction devices and copiers, network integration services and software solutions.

“XBS is an important piece of our growth strategy, as we continue to penetrate the lucrative and growing SMB market,” said Mike Feldman, president, Xerox Americas Operations. “By better leveraging the strengths of XBS and sharing best practices in areas such as software and IT services opportunities, we believe we can grow share with SMB customers.”

The companies that make up XBS will continue to serve customers with their current names, to maintain recognition in the communities they serve.

They will also continue to deliver on their existing strategies of success, including offering full lines of multi-branded office and production systems, software, supplies and workflow solutions. XBS companies manage all aspects of the customer relationship, including sale, installation, training, support and service.

Ed Bass remains president of XBS, reporting to Feldman. The rebrand will initiate on Feb. 5.

Source: Xerox

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Does anyone have thoughts in regards to the impact of Xerox transferring 28,000 accounts to XBS?   This was just announced during Xerox's earnings.  I have to imgaine there will be major upgrade activity from the XBS dealers...speculation anyone?

I think that many XBS dealers will be in total did array with the transfer of Xerox accounts.  XBS will have to hire and training sales people, techs and admin. In additional all of those peeps will need training.

I saw this happen with Ricoh Corp transfer to dealers.  Many dealers were overwhelmed. I imagine the same will happen with XBS.

Hope this helps

I've heard that the previous GIS dealers will retain their name and continue to operate "independently" but now they have to abide by Xerox Direct's inflexible pricing structure and very inflexible terms and conditions. I'm expecting that previous GIS players in major markets will now have even more red tape and their SMB accounts will start to feel the pain sooner then later. Curious to hear in the next months/year how those who  compete frequently against GIS, are now successfully going after those once loyal GIS customers. 

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