The Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA) – the world’s leading independent joint venture providing enterprise mobility managed services to multinational organisations – has today announced a global solution partnership with AsdeqDocs®.


The non-exclusive agreement makes AsdeqDocs’ next generation enterprise mobility content management solution available to GEMA members, enhancing their suite of global managed mobility services.

GEMA comprises leading regional mobility service providers, al

l experts in their own markets, who have the local knowledge, language and in-country resources to deliver bespoke solutions to multinationals, no matter where in the world they operate.


GEMA’s CEO Nicholas McQuire said: “We are excited to bring AsdeqDocs to GEMA’s global service provider ecosystem. AsdeqDocs not only meets GEMA’s high standards but enterprise mobility solutions like AsdeqDocs are increasingly a requirement for telcos, government bodies and corporates across the globe. In partnering with AsdeqDocs, GEMA members can deliver significant value to their enterprise mobility customers across the globe.”

AsdeqDocs CEO David Burden said: “AsdeqDocs is excited to work with the GEMA family as we continue our rapid international roll-out. In partnership with GEMA we look forward to bringing the AsdeqDocs solution to a broader range of multinational clients, supporting their mobility needs and helping their enterprises grow.”


AsdeqDocs is a next generation enterprise mobility content management solution that enables the secure and automatic synchronisation of corporate documents to and from employees’ iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, and laptops.


AsdeqDocs allows a user to securely access, edit, annotate, author and search for documents while mobile, delivering full access to documents on and offline.


AsdeqDocs employs military-grade encryption at all levels. It enforces document-level security and provides full on-device audit logging, allowing an administrator to determine who has accessed which documents, when, and from where.


The AsdeqDocs solution is installed behind the corporate firewall and directly connects a mobile user with more than 18 leading document management solutions including SharePoint, Documentum, Exchange, File Shares, OpenText, Objective, iManage, WebCenter, HP Trim and IBM Connections.


Learn about AsdeqDocs from our Video Library.

For more information: David Burden – CEO, AsdeqDocs  M: + 61 (0) 407 44 33 44 E: David.Burden(at)asdeqdocs(dot)com


Margaret Fearn – Principal, Fearnace Media for AsdeqDocs  M: + 61 (0) 402 259 064 E: margaret(at)fearnacemedia(dot)com


About GEMA


The Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA) is the leading provider of global managed mobility services. Multi-national organisations today are looking for transparent and seamless services for the deployment, support, and management of their mobile workforce. GEMA’s core offerings of Assist, Deploy, Command and Advise enable organisations to scale globally while receiving local in-country support where they operate around the world.


GEMA’s members are leading Managed Mobility Services providers in their own markets and include the following: Emitac Mobile Solutions, LLC (EMS) (Middle East, Africa, CIS, and Eastern Europe); MSC Mobility Pty Ltd (Australia and New Zealand); Navita (Latin America); Nation Sky (China); SCHIFFL GmbH & Co. KG (Germany, Austria and Switzerland); Mobila (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg); Qolcom Ltd. (UK); and Vox Mobile Inc. (US and Canada). GEMA is operated by GEMA International Limited, a joint venture.


About AsdeqDocs®

AsdeqDocs® is a next generation enterprise mobility content management solution that enables the secure, seamless and automatic synchronization of corporate documents to iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, and laptops. AsdeqDocs lets users securely access, edit, annotate and synchronize files from more than 18 leading document management solutions on mobile devices, while maintaining document-level security and existing enterprise security and business practices. AsdeqDocs is the flagship product of Asdeq Labs, established in 2011 with a sole mission to deliver on the promise of a mobile workforce, today. More information. Follow AsdeqDocs on Twitter, LinkedIn or visit our Video Library.

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