That is the title at the top of a powerpoint slide
New Products - Seg. 4, B2C (40/60ppm)
40ppm Full Color
60ppm B/W
High quality/Optional Fiery
Launch 2005

High Speed Printer (CL7100)
35ppm/35ppm (color/monochrome)
High performance Controller
Booklet finisher
Improved reliability and print quality
CFE option will not be developed
Instead, SSE will be launched to focus on the scanning solution
LAUNCH: 2nd Quarter, 2004

High Speed graphics MFP!!!
Aficio Color 3131
31ppm Fiery
6513 upgrade
LAUNCH: 2nd Quarter, 2004
Original Post

Yes it would be great to access from here. However we are not a Ricoh endorsed site.

There are some @ big R who are not happy with our site. Why? I have no idea (somw say there is too much information here), I believe we keep the Ricoh excitment alive, share new ideas, and share stories and above all move more boxes.

Do you need a copy, I can email it to you or upload to doc mall. You can access it there.
I have tried to email to a few of you and the file is too large for email address, those of you who did not recieve the file please check you eamil in the next few days and I will upload to my doc mall account and give you a user name and passcode.

I too would love the email of the file or access to it. Thanks

I concur that it is a real shame that Ricoh does not particularly like this site. I say that is their problem. If they would tell all of us the same information then they would not be so worried about this site. Their own inconsistencies cause them to look upon this site as too informational.

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