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Fujitsu to embark on restructuring plan

Fujitsu announced a comprehensive, strategic reorganization of its group formation to more effectively promote initiatives for the growth of customers as a leader in the growing field of digital transformation (DX).

Fujitsu will begin to consolidate key functions spread throughout the group, enhance its problem-solving capabilities, and further strengthen its ability to generate new business by streamlining operations and securing a competitive advantage.

As of April 1, 2021, the following steps will be undertaken to achieve this:

  • To realize a new structure for R&D, Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd. will be fully integrated into Fujitsu Limited, and a new organization, Fujitsu Research, will be established directly under the CTO. Fujitsu Research will consist of two units: the "Technology Strategy Unit," which will be responsible for formulating a technological strategy for the entire company by consolidating research and analysis functions located throughout the group, and the "Research Unit," which will conduct leading-edge technology research.
  • To accelerate changes to enhance delivery functions (design, develop, deploy, operate, and maintenance of solution services) within the solution services business, 11 major SI group companies in Japan will be integrated into Fujitsu Limited, and 4 will be integrated into Fujitsu Japan Limited (hereinafter, "Fujitsu Japan Ltd.").
  • To expand its business in Japan, Fujitsu will integrate its solution services and product-related businesses for local governments, medical and educational institutions, local agriculture, forestry and fishery organizations, and local media, the business producing functions of Fujitsu FSAS Inc. and Fujitsu Network Solutions Ltd., as well as the four SI group companies mentioned above into "Fujitsu Japan Ltd."

Fujitsu defines its purpose as "making the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation." In alignment with this core principle, Fujitsu will continue striving to contribute to the resolution of social issues, as well as the growth of its customers, drawing on the Group's collective efforts and leveraging its core technologies and wide range of industry and business know-how.

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