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SUNNYVALE, California, May 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Fujitsu today introduces the new FUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST 2000 series second generation line up of high-end servers that offer outstanding x86 performance and memory expandability. Mission-critical functionalities help ensure business continuity, with uptime levels equivalent to those of UNIX/mainframe systems - but with the cost advantages of an x86-based architecture. Fujitsu also delivers today the platform of choice for business-critical back-end services - offering superior levels of performance, memory capacity and reliability - with the introduction of the FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX4770 M2.


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Many organizations are looking for simpler and smarter ways to transform their ICT into powerful business-intelligent solutions, and are widely adopting applications that use in-memory technology, such as the SAP HANA® platform. Straight from the launch of the new Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 v3 Product Family, all three models of the new PRIMEQUEST 2000 series and the PRIMERGY RX4770 M2 are certified by SAP to run  SAP HANA in single node configurations[1].


PRIMEQUEST 2000 series combines UNIX-matching high-availability features with x86 cost efficiency 


Fujitsu delivers a rock-solid data center infrastructure platform with the PRIMEQUEST 2000 series, which is already known for record-breaking levels of performance and system resilience. New to the second generation are extended self-healing advanced Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS) components, including Dynamic Reconfiguration and Extended Partitioning; resilience in DDR4 memory; and the new processors of the Intel Xeon Processor E7 v3 Family. The new PRIMEQUEST line-up revolutionizes critical-workload processing with extra-large memory capacities of up to 12TB.


Addressing the megatrends with PRIMERGY RX4770 M2 

A hyperconnected world is driving a new industrial revolution. However, for many data centers, IT infrastructure and operations are reaching a breaking point. Designed for business-critical back-end services, the quad-socket PRIMERGY RX4770 M2 is equipped with the latest of the Intel Xeon Processor E7 v3 Family available with up to 72 cores, plus up to 6TB super-fast DDR4 main memory. The PRIMERGY RX4770 M2 delivers state-of-the-art management capabilities with the new integrated Remote Management Controller (iRMC S4), offering a variety of user-friendly functions to help ensure a faster and more cost-effective infrastructure management, no matter where the server is located. This quad-socket x86 server offers breakthrough performance, rock-solid reliability, and compelling consolidation and manageability efficiencies.


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[1] Directory of hardware certified to run SAP HANA:


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