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TOKYO, Nov 1 (Bernama) -- Fuji Xerox Co Ltd, the leader in the management solution in the Asia Pacific region, including Malaysia, will be launching 20 multifunction device (MFD) products in the region beginning Nov 20 as one of its new growth strategies.

Its Corporate Vice-President and President of Asia Pacific Operations, Masashi Honda, said the new products, described as Smart Work Enabler, are aimed at securing number one market share position and expand it further by leveraging on the new office MFD.

The launching varies from countries in the region which includes Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea and the Philippines.

Honda said the new products have been incorporated with the latest controller software to provide universal operability and software functions, thereby further contributing to streamlining customers' business operations.

"At the same time it would also resolve their bordering issues," he told a group of journalists from the Asia Pacific region who are participating in the Fuji Xerox Media Tour to Japan, which ends on Sunday.

The latest models are equipped with a large 22.9 centimetres (9-inch) control panel with menu screens, featuring easy-to-understand icon-based button for higher visibility.

With 'flick' and 'drag' operations, users can intuitively scroll, move to the next screen or preview, where the company had enhanced the preview mode, allowing users to quickly confirm the document before printing or faxing it.

Fuji Xerox Co Ltd is a joint-venture company between Japan's Fuji Photo Film and US-based Rank Xerox, whose share equity has been increased to 75 per cent and 25 per cent, respectively.

Honda said the new models have additional features which allow users to efficiently operate the multifunction devices' diverse range of functions, assisting a disruption-free efficient workflow.

"Users can also print their documents from another multifunction device when the device which prints instruction was initially sent to is in use," he said, adding that this reduces time to wait for document output and prevents unnecessary output and thereby contributing to the reduction of clients' total cost of ownership.

Honda said the new models are using technology which contributes to reducing power consumption and carbon dioxide emission by distributing power only to the device section.

Another interesting feature which has been incorporated into 14 models in the full-colour digital multifunction series is Fuji Xerox's proprietary motion sensor technology called Smart WelcomEyes, with the human detection and facial recogniton cameras.

"The camera detects the movements of people around the MFD to determine whether one is going to use the device or simply passing it," he said.


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