Fuji Xerox Expands Monochrome Multifunction Device Lineup for China/Asia-Pacific Market

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Announces DocuCentre S2110—Planned and Developed by Chinese Engineers in the Local Market

TOKYO, May 22, 2017 – Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. releases DocuCentre S2110, a new addition to the DocuCentre S series of monochrome multifunction devices for the small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) market in the China and Asia-Pacific region. To meet the market requirements in China and other emerging countries, the Company’s local Chinese engineers mainly led planning and development for the product by leveraging the experience acquired through development of the popular preceding models.

DocuCentre S2110 is an entry model in the A3 monochrome multifunction device category. It is the successor of the DocuCentre S2011 that is popular in the Chinese market as it features basic functionality required for SMB office work at a low price. The new model retains the same design concepts while increasingnote1copy/print speeds to 21 pages per minute (ppm). It also provides added convenience—auto skew correction—to the identity card (ID) copy function that is used frequently in China. Further, to enable users to work in a smarter way, Fuji Xerox, the first in the industry, has allowed panel operations to be controlled with smartphones or tablet devicesnote2so that complex settings can be configured on a larger screen. The external appearance has also been refreshed with a premium feel desired by SMB in China and Asia-Pacific market.

According to the market research conducted by Fuji Xerox in 2016, more than 90 percent of A3 monochrome multifunction devices in the China market fall within the 11-30 ppm segment. In addition to color and medium- to high-speed categories where Fuji Xerox keeps the leading market share, the Company has been maintaining the top market share in this segment since 2014, as well as in the entire A3 multifunction market. The preceding models have also helped to develop markets in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly amongst emerging countries. By expanding the product lineup in this segment, Fuji Xerox will further boost its growth in China and emerging markets.

Under the “Built by Market” concept, Fuji Xerox will conduct a chain of product planning and development within the region where the product is used, to allow faster and more efficient development to reflect market requirements

  • note1 The preceding model, DocuCentre S2011 prints at 20 pages per minute.
  • note2 Compatible with models for the Chinese market, with document feeders. Mobile UI software is available for the Android OS only.

DocuCentre S2110

Equipped With Useful Functions for the SMB Market in Emerging Countries

DocuCentre S2110 carries enhanced convenient functions that meet the needs of SMB users while retaining the same cost effectiveness and usability as the preceding model.

The function that allows copying both sides of ID cards on a single page, which has proven popular in the China market, has been enhanced to enable users to copy up to four ID cards on a single page, as well as copying them together with documents such as family registration papers. Another function corrects tilt of ID cards in case they are not placed straight on the scanning glass.

One type of the new model for the Chinese market is equipped with a mobile user interface (UI) for the first time, allowing panel operations to be controlled with smartphones or tablet devices. To achieve even greater work efficiency, users can easily save copy settings that are used repeatedly, display troubleshooting information in more detail, or configure IP addresses and other network settings.

Development Led by Shanghai-based Chinese Staff to Meet Local Market Needs

With the preceding model of DocuCentre S series, Fuji Xerox set up its first planning and development team consisting mainly of local engineers based in China, and this concept was embraced further with the new model. With the goal of identifying subtle market requirements that might not have been evident to planning teams in Japan, the local team conducted studies of the Chinese market needs in depth. Chinese local staff from various departments—procurement, development, manufacturing, sales and others—joined the planning team to offer their diverse perspectives to product development.

The development process was led by Fuji Xerox of Shanghai Ltd., which is Fuji Xerox’s development and manufacturing base in Shanghai.Since 2012, Fuji Xerox has been reinforcing the product development capabilities of Fuji Xerox of Shanghai, especially those targeting the Chinese SMB market. Previously, products for the worldwide market were planned and developed in Japan and localized for other parts of the world; however, Fuji Xerox has now enforced the planning and development in Shanghai, which is close to the market, to better reflect the market needs based on its “Built by Market” concept.


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  • note Xerox, Xerox and Design, as well as Fuji Xerox and Design are registered trademarks or trademarks of Xerox Corporation in Japan and/or other countries.

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Fuji Xerox Expands Monochrome Multifunction Device Lineup for China/Asia-Pacific Market

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