I have never used, my take on this is that you can select a file, tiff or giff and have it lie resident in the properties for the overlay feature.

I have tried this with tiffs and giffs and it has not allowed me to saveit as an .OSV (I believe that is the extenstion).

My understanding is that it can be used like the watermark feature. meaning we can keep a picture in the background of every page.

I am not proclaiming to be correct with this assumption. If someone has more knowledge and the corrrect steps to do this, please post it here.

If you have an image file that you want to use as an overlay, the first thing you have to do is print it using the RPCS driver and print to an overlay file...under job type...then you can call it from the RPCS driver and add it to the document in question. It's great for logo's, even generic letter head.
Sucess Story:

There is a compant called FABSOFT, that is a RICOH partner for software. I have this on some equipment in a court reporters company. They push serious volume and needed to have a form overlay. We are using this on 2 60's running tandem and a 35. There are some glitches and os problems. I think that it doesn't work on NT or 2000, or something like that. My IT guy knows this stuff, if you are still looking into it, I will find out for you.

Horror Story:
Just a side note, I tried using this at a church where i placed a 60 and a 3800 where they were using propietary software called ACS. They wanted to be able to use variable data printing by merging their mail list from ACS onto their bulleting which was changed to a form. It is still not working, and my techs are stuck.

The RPCS seems like an easier solution if that will accomodate your situation.

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