ECi Software Solutions has announced a new advancement for the integration of its FMAudit print services management software with e-automate ERP software. Toner reordering is usually a time-consuming, multi-step process undertaken by imaging dealers. Through the device monitoring and management capabilities of FMAudit software, however, dealers using e-automate can now automatically receive detailed toner supply quotes directly into their business systems whenever a customer's imaging device is low on toner.

How does it work? FMAudit software can remotely monitor the ongoing status of imaging devices across a vast array of brands, locations and networking environments. FMAudit software analyzes the data collected on each device to proactively determine how much toner is left and projects how soon each toner cartridge will become completely empty based on historical usage patterns for the imaging device. When FMAudit software has determined that a toner resupply is needed for a device, it passes synchronized details to e-automate. The reorder alert from FMAudit to e-automate automatically generates an e-automate supply quote that associates the correct toner cartridge, serialized imaging device, device location and customer contact information needed to complete the resupply process (a final approval from an authorized dealer staff person is required to push the supply quote through e-automate's order process). This seamless process is accomplished via Web services built on ECi's proprietary Equipment Supply Network (ESN) data exchange platform.

ESN's application programming interface (API) connection for the automatic supply quote integration is now fully integrated with FMAudit Central v3.6 and v4.0 in concert with e-automate's 8.5.

"The ability to offer our customers this integration with e-automate is very exciting," said Greg Allen, vice president of operations, ECi FMAudit. "Increasing productivity is what dealers are looking for and this integration is exactly what is needed when offering automated supply ordering: the capability to place a quote in a dealer's business management system without the staff having to manage alerts. This takes a time-intensive step out of the ordering process and limits the risk associated with managing supply programs."

In other news, ECi Software Solutions and Jump Technologies Inc. have announced a strategic technology alliance to benefit office products dealers. Through this agreement, the ECi DDMS business system and the JumpTech JumpTrack proof-of-delivery (POD) solutions will be integrated, helping drive savings for customers through improved fleet efficiency and the elimination of paper-based proof-of-delivery systems.

DDMS software offers a comprehensive feature set that provides a complete order-to-cash management solution. It supports office products dealers, helping efficiently manage their warehouses and streamline delivery processes, as well as automate core business functions like order entry, inventory and accounting. With the integration of JumpTrack, real-time, relevant POD data will be enabled to flow between the systems. For example, manifest data will be pushed from DDMS to the JumpTrack cloud, while delivery information, including the date, time and receiver signature, will flow into DDMS. Customer service agents will have delivery information at their fingertips in DDMS, while dealer customers also see the information on the dealer's ECinteractive e-commerce site. POD information can also be printed on customer invoices.

JumpTrack uses currently deployed Android or iOS smartphones and tablets, minimizing training and helping drive adoption for delivery personnel. JumpTrack helps make a dealer's fleet more efficient by organizing routes to drive fewer miles, and tracking drivers, deliveries and returns. As these solutions are integrated, this alliance will help reduce delivery costs and enhance the customer service experience.

"We have been using JumpTrack for more than a year and the program has become an important part of our day-to-day operations," said Dan Crawford, director of operations, Chuckals Office Products. "With a five-truck delivery team, we are saving in excess of 20 man hours per week in manifest management, distribution and filing received signatures. And paper and toner are also saved since we no longer need to print manifests. Our customers love that they can see who signed for deliveries and when in real time on our website. This program is a win-win for us and our customers."

"ECi and JumpTech have had a technology relationship for more than 14 years," says John Freund, CEO, Jump Technologies. "I've watched our respective solutions grow in functionality throughout the years, offering more value to our customers. As we extend our relationship, the JumpTrack product will help drive bottom line profits for DDMS dealers by decreasing their fleet and customer service costs."

"ECi's long-standing relationship with JumpTech reflects a mutual respect for each other's valuable technology solutions," said Andrew Morgan, president, Office Products Division, ECi. "The JumpTech products and services are first class and I'm confident they'll bring tremendous value to the ECi family of dealers."

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