Knightdale, NC – September 16, 2014 – ESP/SurgeX, the leader in energy intelligence, today announces the Remote Portal, the imaging industry’s first IP enabled power communications diagnostic tool. The remote portal is designed to provide remote access to ESP/SurgeX diagnostic devices from anywhere at any time, via a web browser.


Compatible with new ESP/SurgeX power protection and diagnostic intelligence installations, the Remote Portal enables service teams to access power diagnostics remotely and brings added IP accessibility to the ESP/SurgeX power protection portfolio. As the first IP power diagnostics communications tool in the imaging industry, this innovative device enables technicians to remotely view the history of power quality events, monitor live data, reboot/recycle power, and diagnose power disturbances via a web browser.


“Power quality issues are a leading cause of business downtime. The ability to remotely monitor and troubleshoot these issues instantaneously represents a significant time and cost savings opportunity for businesses and service teams of any size,” said ESP/SurgeX CEO, President Stephen F. Galloway. We are proud to be the first to launch this new instrument to the industry.”


The Remote Portal is available for order September 22 and is sold as an accessory to compatible ESP/SurgeX power protection products, including: enVision and Next Gen PCS diagnostic power protection products, MultiPak digital signage protection solutions, Surge + Diagnostic small and medium business IT protection products, and eCommandCenter energy management products.


Available with a one port or five port Gigabit Network Switch configuration, the ESP/SurgeX Remote Portal is the clear choice to remotely diagnose power related problems and maximize uptime, performance, and profitability.

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Original Post

We include an ESP device with every system that is under maintenance agreement.  I'd like to know how many of us are doing that.

We do as well, but we aren't using their intelligent power monitoring solutions like some dealers are.  I've heard of some dealers using that to differentiate themselves & even selling it as a service to customers. 

Right!!!,  Just the path I was going to go down!!!  This can be a huge difference when included in your presentation!!!  WOW, I like to selling it as a service part, also.  I guess that means charging a month fee for the device over and above the lease and maintenance?

Read it, got it, there was no mention of the SaaS model.  Our approach has been the same for adding protectors under the maintenance agreement. 



I probably phrased that incorrectly.  They are charging for them as part of their Service Agreement.  It's pretty much just something we include in our hardware cost of goods, but it isn't something we make money on.  It sounds like something we could all profit from.

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