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Epson is launching a digital colour printer costing less than $8000 to buy that dealer Kayell Australia says will produce commercial sellable print, and at less than half the per page cost of current digital colour printers.


The new Epson Workforce Pro WF-8590TC is a piezo electric inkjet printer using Epson’s newly developed Precision Core technology, and which will print 75,000 pages using a single ink pack, and the same for colour with the colour cartridges.


Maximum resolution is 2400dpi using stochastic screening, maximum page size is 330x480mm (A3+), with 1831 sheets in the feed tray printing at speeds of 24 sheets a minute in both colour and black.


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Andreas Johansson, sales director at dealer Kayell Australia says: “It is the culmination of Epson’s huge $300m investment in Precision Core technology.

“The quality is first rate, Epson of course comes from a photographic heritage, so it has exacting standards.


“Not only does it produce pages at less than half the cost of current click charged printers, it will print on a wide substrate range, as there is no heat involved in the printing process, unlike the fuser based systems, so the dimensional stability of the stock is not affected.”


The company says electricity cost is only 20 per cent of that of other digital printers as there is no heat involved.


According to Johansson, the Precision Core outperforms any other piezo technology on the market, and says it will ‘change the playing field for digital printers’.


Kayell Australia will be offering bundles with finishing systems, and has set a release price of $7699 for the printer, and ink packs are available that are good for 75,000 pages.


Kayell will be offering the Workforce Pro Rips range with a no click charge option, and with a three year warranty included.


Johansson says: “We don’t see the new Workforce Pro Rips range as a direct competitor to the established digital colour printers that are used by commercial printers, franchises and copy shops, more as a complementary technology.


“For example, while the pages of a catalogue may be being printed on a regular digital printer the new Epson could be being used to print the covers, as the costs are much lower.”

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I spoke to Epson while at the BTA show on Orlando about this system.  The System ships will all of that ink!!  I did not even ask what the cost of the replacement cartridges were, I should have.


Interesting to see if this system will pan out.  Note the "buns" that are on each side of the system.  On each side there are two huge bags of ink.  Kinda reminds me of Princess Leia hair style!

We are not a reseller for Epson at this time. We are merely testing the equipment and have been for some time. All they gave me is the "list price" for each bag of toner which is what I posted. I would assume CPC would be calculated the same way as a toner based machine. Based on my evaluation we would not be a reseller of the current machine and would wait until a page-wide array machine would come out to consider. The 24ppm is not accurate when printing high quality documents.

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