I am heading to Epsons headquarters in two weeks to look at the 100ppm MFP and the wide format systems. If anyone has any specific questions or things they'd like me to ask make a list and I'll try to get them all covered.

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What about the print head warranty.  When I was at the Road Show in Philly, the print head was warranty was up in the air.  I believe they were staying three years but may go five with the launch.  What did you think of the color quality?

Art, I will find out about that and certainly see what the color quality looks like. I will be flying out next Sunday and meeting with them Monday.

Jason - Also curious on your thoughts of the image quality.  And Epson Europe has a 75ppm version, would like to know if they're bringing that model over here.

I was told at their Road Show that they may bring another A3 color to market before end of 2017, and that unit would operate at a slower speed.  Do you have the link for the EU model?

75 or so ppm is coming. I love the print quality. It looks amazing and it looks just as good on print 100 as it did on 1. The warranty is 3 years on parts and print head with an option to purchase 2 more years of warranty. We signed up today as a dealer and I am submitting a PO to get two of them in our office tomorrow.

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How have things been working out with Epson here in the states? 

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David, We have had 0 traction with it. Customers in our market still have no use for ink as best we can tell. We have demo'd the machine to people but have not sold a single one. People noticed the page curl on exit and the fix for that was to buy thicker paper which people don't want to do in an office environment for regular documents. I still have the first 2 we bought if anyone wants to buy them for any reason

I talked to some other early adopter dealers and they have shared the same things. One friend of mine purchased quite a few and has not sold any of them last I checked. 

I got to see the Epson at a road show and thought it was weak.  The Riso is weak too quite frankly.  The HP Pagewide is growing on me but their user interface is terrible.  If you put a Ricoh or Canon user interface on an HP Pagewide you'd take over the industry.

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