MOSCOW, Idaho, July  14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Skyforge lets users turn math to matter in their web browser.  It connects 3D printers to an online interface and management system, making 3D  printing simple, collaborative, and accessible. Element Robot has released  Skyforge on Kickstarter, but the project remains an undiscovered gem.

Skyforge is a better way for libraries, maker spaces, and schools to bring  accessible 3D printing to a large number of users. It also enables individuals  who own a 3D printer to share that resource with friends.


"Skyforge is the best interface you can get for the 3D printing process.  We leverage existing 3D printer hardware and we combine it with a wonderful  online workflow and a simple cloud management system, " says Chris  Walker, CEO of Skyforge.


Skyforge significantly improves on desktop software alternatives:

  • No software installation is required
  • Users can collaborate and print from any location
  • Many users can share one or more 3D printers easily
  • The cloud interface is simple to learn and automatically handles complex  printer settings

"The bounds of your creativity are defined by the tools you have  available." - Chris Walker, CEO


Most consumer-grade 3D printers can connect to Skyforge through the Skyhook  hardware module, which includes a touchscreen and simple user interface for  performing basic 3D printer tasks. Interested parties may find out more by  viewing our Kickstarter campaign, which runs from  2014-6-30 to 2014-7-30, and aims to raise at least $30,000.


Skyforge is based on an earlier project testing an automated 3D printer kiosk  at the University of Idaho described in articles on  CNET and the Idaho Statesman. The trial provided an opportunity to test and  refine the Skyforge software, which was subsequently turned into the cloud  platform presented today.


Element Robot was formed in February of 2014 and closed a seed financing  round in May. Our team consists of Chris Walker,  CEO, John Feusi, CTO, and Jonathan Staab, Lead Developer. The team has a strong  background in autonomous systems, software development, and mechanical  engineering.


After the Kickstarter, Element Robot aims to bring Skyforge to more types of  3D printers. The company's objective is making additive manufacturing accessible  and effective.


"3D printing is a culmination of the information age." - John  Feusi, CTO

SOURCE  Element Robot LLC


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