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Newswire, 2005-05-18 - eCopy ShareScan OP will be available in June 2005. Supported document capture platforms include Canon, HP, Océ, Ricoh, Sharp, and Toshiba digital copiers and Fujitsu scanners.

eCopy ShareScan OP allows companies to use digital copiers ( also known as MFPs ) as “on ramps” for adding paper-based information to business applications. Digital copiers are achieving explosive growth in the enterprise. According to IDC, about 600,000 scan-enabled copiers were sold in 2003. This number is expected to grow to about 1.2 million in 2008. And this growth is creating a major change in how companies add paper documents into enterprise applications like content management, email and ERP.

eCopy ShareScan OP software allows organizations to set a software standard across the enterprise when using multiple brands of digital copiers and scanners for scanning and incorporating documents into enterprise systems.

According to Andy Warzecha of Meta Group, “With digital copiers, any office worker can bring the document into the appropriate workflow by simply ‘copying’ it to the enterprise application verses being forced into a centralized approach as most organizations currently are. Over the next 24 months, this will trigger a fundamental shift in the viable options for capturing paper-based information and deploying best practice techniques.”

eCopy provides native integration capabilities that enable users to scan documents directly to enterprise applications from a digital copier or scanner. Currently, the software is integrated with more than 20 enterprise applications, including EMC Documentum Enterprise Content Management Platform, Interwoven WorkSite, Open Text Livelink and Microsoft Outlook.

“The native integration between eCopy and Microsoft Outlook lets us take full advantage of the scanning capabilities of our Ricoh digital copier,” said Aileen Gronewold, project leader in the law department of Leggett & Platt, Incorporated. “With eCopy’s Microsoft Outlook integration, a user can send an e-mail from the copier and that e-mail will be saved to their sent mail file, providing a record of what was sent. The integration also means that users authenticate at the copier using their normal Outlook passwords and user names. This provides the IT department with a record of who is sending e-mails and the users with access to their personal address books, just as if they were at their desktops.”

eCopy ShareScan OP provides a robust set of document imaging and distribution services, which include optical character recognition ( OCR ), image processing, searchable PDF creation, Bates Stamping, and 128-bit file encryption.

About eCopy, Inc.

eCopy, Inc. is an innovative provider of open and flexible solutions that rapidly integrate paper-based information into existing business processes and applications. Numerous industries, including legal, healthcare, and financial services, use eCopy to easily access, modify, distribute, and share information to add value to their business. eCopy customers include General Motors, Clifford Chance, Siemens, Cisco Systems, SAAB, and Sony Corporation. eCopy, Inc. is a global company headquartered in the United States, with a subsidiary in Japan, offices in England, Germany, France, Scandinavia, and Australia as well as sales operations in Mexico, Canada, Latin America, Singapore, and New Zealand. For more information, visit
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